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Tim PriebeToday’s Author Spotlight is on Tim Priebe, owner and designer at T&S Web Design. Tim was chosen this week for a couple of reason. When you check out his Expert Author Bio, the first thing you see is a nice original author photo he added. Nice touch.

As someone who dabbles in a little bit of site design here and there, I thought a few of his articles in particular were good reads:

Flashing Text, Music and Annoying Website Elements: The Carnies of the Web – Because I agree 110% with what he says here
Writing Your Website Copy Well – Everything he says applies to Article writing as well
My Domain Name is Already Taken – Good advice not only for people searching for a good domain name, but also for author’s whose chosen author name has already been established here on EzineArticles.com (hint: try variations of your name ;-) )
Checking Your Website in Multiple Browsers – Something every designer should, but doesn’t always, do!

Overall, Tim provides some great, useful information….but just enough so that if you are looking for a designer you may want to check out his website to get more information. A great job of “setting the hook.” Also check out his blog for more good info on site design, SEO and more.


Ed Howes writes:

Hey Wally,

Getting to know the talent here is beginning to feel like homework!

Comment provided August 24, 2006 at 4:01 PM


timjpriebe writes:

Thanks for the shout out, Wally!

Comment provided May 6, 2007 at 5:57 AM


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