Article Software Rewriters are Evil

This week our Managing Editor is on vacation and our new Managing Editor in training is still too new to take his role, so I’ve been doing the “Managing Editor” / author support role this week…

This is so funny, it’s absurd. You know those PLR article content rewriters that some lazy folks use to change up PLR content so it looks more unique? Well, it does produces unique content…and makes the author look stupid at the same time with unique complex sentences such as these gems:

“Green tea is again paragon abutting amusement being a palette abstergent.”

“The caffeine influence green tea has an salubrious aftereffect and bodily promotes concentration.”

Recommendation: Don’t buy PLR article rewriters and just write 100% original content. :-)


Lance Winslow writes:

I had some friends at MIT who had taken thousands of works put them into a computer by sentences. Then changed the tense and mixed them up and the computer would spit out articles and content very quickly.

It generally worked. But generally did not make sense. You could spot this easy enough. In fact they took all the quote books and quotes and fed them into the computer too.

Some of the sentences seemed very full of wisdom, others made it obvious that a human did not write it. But whereas this was 6 years ago, now the newest computers are getting better, so someday we will see these artificial intelligent software programs, which can actually put out meaningful work which makes sense. Nevertheless some other folks at Berkeley actually started selling these systems to writers? Oh great?

It is going to be another five or more, even though lots of funding is going into these linguistics programs, some funded by In-Q-Tel seem to be leading edge stuff and there is a Carnegie Mellon research going on now, which will allow a computer to read one of those dry Computer Software Manuals by someone in India and explain it back to you as you work thru the problem in normal discussionary conversational tones. Interesting.

You know this PLC issue really does not surprise me, humans are lazy and want to discover a short cut. What is that old saying; If you have a tough job give it to a lazy man and he will find an easier way?

Well this PLC Strategy is taking human nature to whole new level of questionable integrity? Interesting how these things happen. I am sure we will see much more of this. Humans can still compete against artificial intelligence, but as Ray Kurzweil states, AI will indeed pass human intelligence and out think, create and perform those pesky humans?

Comment provided July 7, 2006 at 1:24 PM


Takuya Hikichi writes:

I have lots of readers out of Japan who finds me online and try reading the content using the online translation service.

I read it myself, my own articles written in English, after translating it back in my native language of Japanese but it was awkward.

This reminded me when I was in Japan and watched American movies with subtitles, but I understood the content and enjoyed these movies because the translation was handled by interpreters whose expert was to exactly provide that.

The subtitles weren’t the direct translations of what were being said in English, but it made perfect sense because the human power was behind it.

If anyone added his/her name on the article modified by such software, I could only see it hurting that person’s credibility more than helping.

Comment provided July 16, 2006 at 5:06 PM


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