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Jeff writes, “You have a great service to business owners like myself who market through article content. Can you advise me on another article directory that has the same level of exposure the Ezinearticles has? Thank you.”

There are none quite like us, but there are others with high visibility: Buzzle.com and GoArticles.com comes to mind and I’m aware that SearchWarp.com is constantly bidding on our brand to attract our authors. Some competitors might not have the same exposure level that we do, but they run a very quality operation, such as Marnie Pehrson’s IdeaMarketers.com (check out Marnie’s blog too: marniep.typepad.com) and I’ve heard good things about Rozey Gean’s Marketing-Seek.com.

Would all depend on how a person defines success in this niche space?


Edward Weiss writes:

I just visited searchwarp.com and had a hard time getting around. Their navigation is confusing. I have a few articles on goarticles.com but don’t really get the kind of community and support EzineArticles provides which is where I think you guys rock!

Comment provided June 13, 2006 at 12:21 PM


Jeff Hardesty writes:

Thanks Chris. What can i say… a direct answer in 60-minutes! that’s what i mean.

I’ll check these out. I appreciate the information. Jeff

Comment provided June 13, 2006 at 12:51 PM


George Lockett writes:

Hi Chris

I found this directory of sites helpful for location different lists. I note they rate your site highly :

Comment provided June 13, 2006 at 3:23 PM


Ed Howes writes:

I had to wait a bit before responding on this one. Aren’t you proud of me? :-) I began my writing “career” three and a half years ago, posting on Go Articles, Idea Marketers and one other directory which folded soon after I submitted. I was publishing through an on line friend who had limited time to find homes for my writing. Both directories did me well and created a lot of traffic for my web page.

Searches have shown me many secondary directories have taken all my content from these two and posted on their own. Rather than submitting to most of these, I sent Emails to some telling them EzineArticles was now my primary directory. One or two actually thanked me for telling them. I still submit to these two, as the mood strikes. When I finally got to visit Ideamarketers for myself, I was blown away by Marnie’s very aggressive marketing approach and how much she offers writers. I visited Buzzle from this blog link and will have to return before I decide whether to post there.

As I grow more savvy and use EzineArticles as the standard by which to judge all directories, new and established, I divide them into two categories. Serious and hobby. The serious directories have someone there taking care of half the business. The hobby sites won’t answer an Email. If I think a hobby site has a lot of hungry readers, I post. If not, I move on, except that I like to dump content on brand new hobby sites and then visit, weekly. If nothing is happening in a few weeks, I visit monthly. If little happens then, I delete them from my bookmarks and forget about them unless they pop up a lot in my irregular and infrequent searches on “by ed howes”. Search engines don’t seem to care that an article has had 4 views in two months. So there is some value in posting on inactive sites.

This blog post was very shrewd marketing in itself. The competition will know soon that they got traffic from this post and it is EzineArticles saying we have nothing to lose by promoting the competition. Powerful psychology. This makes the entire online publishing industry more cooperative and less competitive, more New Age. I love associating with genius.

Comment provided June 14, 2006 at 11:35 AM


Ed Howes writes:

Just visited Search Warp,

Love the home page. Proof they care about their authors, just as they claim in their author control panel. Had to sign up there. Downloaded a few articles on the home page I could not resist. I’m going to load my most popular and recent content and let you know what happens. Really, really love that home page. Chris, you are a peach. A big fuzzy one.

Comment provided June 14, 2006 at 12:16 PM


Ed Howes writes:

Just came back from a visit to Marketing-Seek. I don’t like it. What a contrast to Warp Search!
An author has no way to gauge site popularity, number of authors, number of articles. Most recent articles lists only 5 articles without another page load. Same with articles in category. If it is a pain in the behind for the reader to use, they won’t and likely don’t. I would not post there.

Comment provided June 14, 2006 at 12:34 PM


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