Using Article Content To Drive Affilate Revenues

Sometimes folks think I’m against using articles to drive affiliate program revenues because EzineArticles doesn’t allow affiliate links in articles per section 3 of the editorial guidelines.

The reality is that every affiliate program manager should designate at least 20, if not 50-250 articles that they make available for their affiliates to use the resource box to include their affiliate link.

How can I say such a conflicting statement?

Because I didn’t say that you should allow your affiliates to SYNDICATE/DISTRIBUTE your content fully. NOPE.

I recommend that you DON’T allow the syndication of your articles that you make available for use by your affiliates and that you structure rules for HOW they can use your article content (such as no PPC ads on them that compete with your affiliates URL to your program, no inappropriate use, and the right for you to REVOKE their reprint license if you feel they don’t represent you very well or you terminate them as an affiliate JV partner!).

One of my revenue streams is by being a “Super Affiliate” for others and the first thing I ask them is, “do you have any articles available for reprints that I can put my affiliate link on?” Most of them disappoint me, and others actually are smart enough to already have their own EzineArticles account so I can’t be the first to introduce their articles to our web audience.

As a Super Affiliate, I want more rights and less restrictions on the content; but if I were running the affiliate program or consulting someone else on how to setup their article content for use by their affiliate JV partners, I’d highly recommend strict rules on the license rights of the content.

Agree/Disagree with me or have any tips on how to use article content to drive affiliate revenues?

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Dina writes:

This seems like it could work if you had ONE affiliate who devoted several hours a month to helping you grow your business.

Suppose it’s someone who you already work with in another capacity, or else a fellow service provider who you know and trust from “around” the web. Maybe you’re too small yet to pay them hourly, but you know that they could bring in some extra business by managing your content. It would have to be someone smart though. You can’t have some buffoon taking control of your articles, press, etc.

If it’s a BUNCH of giddy affiliates who signed up because they’re eager to jump on the affiliate bandwagon, it might be a little harder to enforce all this. But one? Yes… one, or two, could work very nicely.

I think people could make a lot more money off their buddies if they all became affiliates of each other’s. The affiliate buddy system. Yeah… I like it!

Comment provided June 28, 2006 at 2:42 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

Personally, I 100% agree with this. Good partnerships in business predict this type of effort and this is a great idea indeed.

Comment provided June 28, 2006 at 3:03 PM


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