Net Neutrality Impacts Authors-Publishers Too

If you make your living largely thanks to the Internet, then this is an issue I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about lately. This week, our U.S. House of Representatives will be voting on a bill that would fundamentally alter the Internet. To get involved, I’m encouraging you to contact your representatives in Congress. It’s not that we can’t appreciate the telcos interests to offer tiered services, but rather that we don’t want Congress to grant them larger monopololistic or oligopolistic powers than they already have.


Pamela Beers writes:

Consider it done.

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This came over the CongressDaily wire this AM:

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Net Neutrality Amendment Fails, Bill Moves Toward Passage
“The House late Thursday moved toward passage of a measure overhauling the 1996 Telecommunications Act, as a contentious amendment strengthening the so-called network neutrality provisions in the bill was defeated, 269-152.

“Unless we have net neutrality rules, [the telecommunications bill] would turn the Internet into cable TV,” charged Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.”

A friend in Wash. DC shared this with me today:”Also, you may want to send follow up letters when this comes before the Senate – and if it comes before the House again. In those letters, you will need to reference your business, your consumer angle, and be as instructive as possible. “Vote this way!”

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Bill Gluth writes:

As one who needs the Internet for business, personal AND creative work I enjoy, this is huge.

I posted a request on my blog as well and will add it to my newsletter send out on Monday.

I’d encourage everyone in business today, no matter what business you’re in to take this seriously and get over there to sign the petition.

It’s THAT important! Please…

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I had to understand this better so I went to Wikipedia and learned exactly why it’s critical to defend Network Neutrality for the future of our web businesses.

If I may, I’d like to post the link here:

Let me add that the link that Chris has included which again is right here:

…goes directly to a PREWRITTEN letter to Congress. Review, add your information and click SEND for instant delivery.

That’s a pretty darned easy way to help secure the future of internet business and keep your company alive, accessible to all, and profiting on the web.

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This came through on Monday from CongressDaily… Here’s a snippet:

Monday, June 12, 2006 *Latest Stevens Draft Leaves Net Neutrality Language Alone*
“Senate Commerce Chairman Stevens left unchanged the controversial issue of network neutrality in a revised draft of his telecommunications legislation released today, but a committee aide said Stevens is open to toughening language in his bill governing the ability of cable and telecom providers to control the content flowing over their high-speed Internet lines. Among the more consequential additions to the draft is a requirement that new video providers report to the FCC within three years of the legislation’s enactment on where they are building their video systems. The agency would aggregate the data and issue a report to Congress, which could take action if it thinks some communities are being left behind. Nevertheless, the new version does not mandate the former Bell companies and other new video entrants to make their video systems accessible to all citizens in a given community. At 151 pages, the new draft is 16 pages longer than the first version issued May 1. Stevens reached out to every member on the panel for advice and included many changes reflecting Democratic concerns, a committee aide said. The committee has scheduled a Tuesday hearing on the revisions…”

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