Brad Callen’s Article Marketing Thoughts

Check out EzineArticles expert Brad Callen‘s Article Marketing thoughts here or in PDF form.

I don’t personally know Brad, but he makes a “case for adopting a personal approach to article marketing” that I agree with… meaning, don’t blindly blow your articles to the wind, but rather have a syndication strategy that favors large sites for the traffic and themed sites for the quality of the link / traffic.

Would be curious to hear your thoughts after you read his Article Marketing thoughts.



It’s nice to see more search engine experts like Brad Callen and the guest authors on SitePro News stepping up with an authoritative take on article marketing recently. Why not, the jig is up – this is a viable web marketing strategy that’s been around for years and costs nothing to implement. These SEO guys have been quiet for too long. ;)

I have to agree with everything Brad advises, as I myself wrote an article recently covering many of the same points. Isn’t it funny how so much of the universe thinks in unison?

I’ll emphasize–

Newbie Article Marketers: round the learning curve swiftly so you can move on to the next phase and put these excellent suggestions of Brad’s to work.

The last thing an author (marketer) wants is to be laboring over the article text. We should all be feeling it… like Dorothy, the lady who writes articles in her sleep. That’s the first sign that you’ve crossed over into the Advanced Article Marketer realm, after all.

Article distribution selectivity makes total sense – that is, if you care about the quality, appearance, and niche-focus of sites where your articles end up. Which you should if you hope that customers from there are going to follow the links back to your site and buy from you.

Brad Callen has provided a perfect plan of attack. Read it, save it and adopt it as your own.

That’s my peanut gallery chime-in of the day. :) Cheers to you.

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Edward Weiss writes:

Cullen writes: “Search engines already consider anchor text as vulnerable to spam, so if hundreds of links pointing to your site suddenly pop up (with the EXACT same anchor text), this would be a ‚¬“red-flag‚¬ event.”

That’s interesting. I though anchor text was a good thing. Am I wrong?

Comment provided May 17, 2006 at 5:41 PM


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