Authenic Content

In the last year or so you’ve heard me talk about the value or producing original content that you have the exclusive rights to (let’s call that “Authentic Content”) in terms of being the best type of content that you put into syndication in a site like for the purposes of expanding your exposure, credibility, and traffic back to your site. …unlike un-authentic content such as non-exclusive rights PLR (private label rights) articles that we’d prefer to never see every again and actively work to remove and ban accounts that send it in.

This gets really technical and confusing with many authors who hear this for the first time easily confusing whether the authentic content must be exclusive to The answer is no, it does not have to be exclusive to us, but it does need to be exclusive to you (meaning, the acid test is that we must not be able to find the same article you just submitted under any other author name on any site anywhere on the net).

Be proud of your ability to write & create authentic articles! It’s not the easy road, but it is the right path to take. Deep down inside, everyone knows this truth.

EzineArticles Article Lifecycle

Brand new tool is available to help educate newbies as to the lifecycle of an article as it flows through the EzineArticles system. You can check it out here: Article Life Cycle

What do you think? How could we improve this training tool designed to help someone new to to visually & instantly understand the article submission and acceptance process?

Making Your Author Bio Exciting

After reviewing a hundred recently updated author bio’s today, it’s clear that many authors are missing an excellent opportunity to leverage the publicity their author bio can create for themselves. This is not to be confused with the RESOURCE BOX at the end of any article, but rather the extended author bio that we display for any author that uploads their photo.

Example: Check out Cecil McIntosh‘s excellent author bio to see which bio I’m talking about.

Here are 6 new tips to help you improve your EzineArticles extended author bio:

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Report This!

Giving power to the people, we’re now enlisting the million+ folks who visit the ability to tell us if an article is not original content or worse.

Report This!

You can find this new feature in the article tools to the upper right of any article.

It’s the last menu item.

Just hover over it with your mouse and it’ll give you an option to report the article as suspect for us to further investigate.

The majority of expert authors send in only original content that they have the exclusive rights to, but for the very small fraction that may not follow the posted editorial guidelines or author terms of service… we’re going to enlist the help of our users to identify low value or suspect content.

We know this may raise our workload, but it will also help us keep the database clean of content that shouldn’t be in the database.

In the end, we’re doing this to raise quality.

It also will assist the legitimate authors to know they are in better company as the lowest quality articles get nixed… who knows, it might even help raise the bar so that authors know they may lose their account if they attempt to abuse the rules by sending in PLR or non-authorized content.

We’re always open to your suggestions and comments as this new system is rolled out…

Value of Fresh Content

Evergreen Content Cool, Fresh Original Article Content = Even More Valuable

Many authors/writers/experts write ‘evergreen’ content that will be fresh today and for many years or decades to come… But, let me make the case for why you should consider creating/submitting fresh original content on a consistent weekly basis throughout the year: The article freshness factor

Old evergreen content has value, but the reality and human nature is that we are always seeking out new answers (even to the same old problems)… and the sites with the freshest content will attract the most traffic and attention.

If you look at the way EzineArticles is created, your article goes through a flow that completely gives new articles a visibility advantage over articles deep within the database from yesteryear. This process serves many purposes and often leads an author to ask this question:
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MySpace Social Experiment

MySpace had 23 billion page views in January 2006 (according to comScore MediaMetrix) from 35.6 million visitors (That’s 646 page views PER visitor/user). On EzineArticles alone, there are 1,640 mentions of the keyword “myspace” and dozens of articles written on the topic. According to an April Laptop magazine article, MySpace boasts more than 60+ million members with 250,000 new registrations daily. Over 80% of their members are 18 or over, so it’s not the teenybopper crowd as most think.

Article Campaigns

It’s time to start thinking about your article writing & marketing activities as “Article Campaigns.”

An article campaign’s objective is to accomplish a specific outcome in a specific time frame with specific resources.

Example: If your area of expertise is mortgage lead generation, then you might set an article campaign objective to attract an extra 1000 visitors a day to your website via writing or have written 1000 original articles that you have the exclusive rights to the content for ~$10,000 to be completed within 45-60 days.
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MiniMe and Me

This week I’m in Phoenix Arizona for one of the mastermind groups I’ve been involved with for the past 5-7 years… but last week when I was in Wash. DC for Yanik’s event, I met VERN TROYER (aka, Mini-Me). Really nice guy (and no, I didn’t ask him about his experience on VH1’s Surreal Life)…but I’ve also recently learned that he doesn’t like being called “Mini-Me.” Ok, fair enough.
christopher knight and verne troyer

New Extended Author Bio

Today, we’ve taken the extended author bio (the one that only shows up when you upload your author photo). We’ve added some additional author stats.

Let us know what you think of the way the stats are being displayed. Important to note that no new stats are being released, but rather we’re just presenting them in an easier to digest format.

Top 10 Authors-March2006

For the 31 days of March, here are the
top 10 authors by number of submissions:

Platinum : Lance Winslow – 612
Platinum : Britt Gillette – 309
Platinum : Michael Russell – 147
Platinum : Carrie Reeder – 139
Platinum : Dr. Gary S. Goodman – 135
Platinum : Peter Portero – 126
Platinum : Robert Thatcher – 99
Platinum : Gail Leino – 96
Platinum : Jim Johnson – 91
Platinum : Doug Gelbert – 81

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