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A peak into our author/member support system: Only our Managing Editor and myself monitor the incoming emails to support, the contact us forms and the replies to any system generated messages. None of our half dozen full or part time editors read any of the incoming emails to support…

I mention this because I see a lot of authors addressing an editor by number, but the reality is that our Associate Editors do not handle author support and therefore never see you addressing them by number. This is not a big deal as we don’t care what you call us ;-), but I thought some may like to know that our Managing Editor is charged with the authority to handle all author support and myself and our lead network admin monitors incoming emails for big-picture problems that need resources or priority attention.

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Lance Winslow writes:

If there is a miscommunication in communication it is due to your inability to make a meaningful representation which is simple for people to understand. It is good that you address this issue. However in a few weeks this Blog post of yours will be buried and the problem will repeat which indeed will be a result of you assuming you are communicating, and allow this problem to fester. Rather then show how the authors are mistaken, perhaps you can look in the mirror in the previous steps you have taken

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