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EzineArticles expert and Aussie Entrepreneur Yaro Starak wrote an in-depth review of us here: The Verdict: Is Article Marketing Worth Your Time? – Part 1

I’m always curious as to how others perceive us, especially when they go in-depth in thought without us asking them to.

Here are some of my favorite comments from Yaro:

1) “Besides republication it’s important to note that Ezine Articles itself is becoming quite a good repository of knowledge.” Yeah, I’ve noticed this too and I never realized how important this was until the last few months.

2) “The one thing I’m really noticing is how important the article title is.” Yes! The TITLE is so very important and it’s often botched up by newbies to our site.

3) On the duplicate content fears issue: “I’ve yet to notice any penalization but there are a lot of forces in play here so if you are really worried, take the time to modify your articles or only submit original content.” – I agree that it’s best to submit original content.

4) Found it interesting that he thought automated submission tools were a good idea, but that he didn’t actually use any of them yet. Yes, I do agree that manual submission to us by your (authors) assistant or admin secretary or college student apprentice is still a lower cost and higher return way than buying some automated submission tool that turns out to be less automated than you thought.

5) Yaro indicates his value of backlinks, but in the last half year, we’ve been more focused on the value of article syndication to create traffic and exposure rather than backlinks. It’s hard to control who picks up your articles and therefore keeping control of only high value authoritive backlinks is nearly impossible.

6) “Personal branding is about lots of little things adding up to a tipping point where amazing things can happen (think mainstream media coverage and even penetration into the public consciousness).” YES YES YES! I’ve been seeing this more and more every day.

7) His article review of us is all nice until some guy in the comments of his article picks on Yaro for not making his personal conclusion blatant enough… so then he flips and says he would not recommend manual submission to us opting instead for an automated blast tool that will become part 2 of his article marketing review.

Well gee, how open is Yaro really going to be in part 2 if he already announced his conclusion that he basically expects automated submissions to ‘be worth it’ and manual submissions not to be worth it. Sorry Yaro, ya had me as a fan and then it all ran downhill in your comments section of your article. :)

My Conclusion: We still like and appreciate Yaro Starak being an expert author on our site and that he put this much effort into doing an analysis of his time when invested in article syndication, even if he ended up coming to a conclusion that we’ll just respectfully disagree with.

Your thoughts?


Andrea Goodsaid writes:

On the personal branding issue … that’s the biggest value I’ve found so far. People need to know and trust you before they’ll take a recommendation or value your opinion.

Guess I ought to get to writing some more!

Comment provided March 10, 2006 at 6:17 AM


Lance Winslow writes:

Good points indeed Yaro and I also agree Andrea [big time].

Comment provided March 10, 2006 at 11:53 PM


Yaro writes:

I was wondering if you saw my article Chris and I just stumbled upon this post via the Guerrilla Marketers’ Blog. Took me a week to find it though…silly me.

Ahh, Chris, I don’t want to lose you as a fan! I think my review was fair, I pointed out the good and the bad in my experience as an article marketer working the internet marketing scene and yes the pressure to provide a more concrete outcome may have gotten to me, but I stand by my article and comments.

Unfortunately my results haven’t been amazing from my work at EzineArticles. The time/value ratio wasn’t worth it when it’s my time, but as you said if it was someone else’s time it may be. It may have been a completely different story if some of my articles had gone viral but I think in the area that I’m writing about it’s hard not to be picked up more by spam blogs than legitimate media.

I want to try an automated article submission service, not necessarily software but a company the does it for you (whether they use software to do it is another question).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of EzineArticles and article marketing for all the reasons you pulled from my blog article. The results from doing it all myself where what I wrote about in my blog, and I’m always as honest as I can be when I blog.

Your service is definitely valuable and you are the market leader in the industry, something which I think is going to be harder and harder to take away from you as long as you keep innovating and attracting the lion share of the writers…but you know this of course.



Comment provided March 17, 2006 at 8:44 AM


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