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Yanik Silver and Chris Knight

I’m one of the luckiest guys alive. This past weekend wiped me out and I had a blast all at the same time from Yanik Silver’s event in Wash. DC. Even got a chance to shake hands and meet dozens of EzineArticles members. What a rush!

I spoke on Sunday about email list building & email deliverability for the first half and then article syndication and web content mix for the second half. From the feedback I received, I should have only spoke on the EzineArticles model and all that I’ve learned from building a site from zip to millions of monthly visitors.

If you missed the event, you can go here to sign up to get in line to buy the limited edition of the event in DVD.

Here’s a few of the thoughts that I took home from the event:

[I signed an NDA to not reveal things that are not in the public access thing, so I can’t share everything in my blog]… I’ll just share some of the article writing & marketing insights:

There are lots of folks who are into “Frankenstein page creation”, but the ones who have really dug into it have found that it often takes as much time changing an article up to be original as it would to write the article as a new original article in the first place.

Ironically on the first day while waiting in the lobby I met an attendee who was from one of those PLR puke article changing makers… and gave him a piece of my mind… namely to educate his clients to not accept without inspection when they buy PLR articles to make sure they are not regurgitating stolen articles. Sheesh.

There were clearly DOERS and NON-DOERS at this event. Many were clearly raking in 6-7 figures and more with skeleton teams supporting them and then many were there for the info-overload that will further push them into the paralysis of analysis…sadly. If you’re one of these folks, wake up and get crank’n! Life is short. Play and work hard.

Which reminds me, handfulls of doublespeak at this event. Example: “Yeah, I’m a typical lazy Internet marketer and I get up at 10am and try to only work 10 hours a week to make my 6 figure income.” Then, later in the week, you find out they are up every day at 5am checking stats, and cranking 10-16 hour work days like the rest of us who know the truth. In other words, if your Internet business model works and you are making big bucks, why the heck would you work only 10-30 hours a week? “When the sun shines, you make hay” my farm Father would say.

There was also clearly a group of long-term business builders vs. short-term make a buck fast types. I’d prefer to always work with the long-term business builder crowd as it’s a much easier to build a long-term enterprise than several short-burst product launches.

Note: credit to Ralph at http://insearchofheros.com/ for the photo with Yanik above. Thanks Ralph!

If you were at the event, what did you take home from it?


Pintara3 writes:

Hi Chris,
Yanik’s event was fantastic. It was good to meet with you and also here your presentation on email marketing.It opened my mind.I travelled from Australia for this event

Thanks Again

Comment provided March 29, 2006 at 10:04 AM


Chris Knight writes:

G’day Graeme! Nice to meet you as well. :-) I have a first cousin in the land down under and look forward to the day when I can return to visit your country. -Chris

Comment provided March 30, 2006 at 11:30 AM


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