Will Quality Suffer?

I recently launched my first training product called, Article Production Strategies. EzineArticles expert author Hans Bool of Spain mentioned the topic of *article production* with this article: Be Aware of The Article Production Hype

My “Article Production Strategies” guide is about helping authors move from 10 articles per lifetime to 1000 articles in the next 2 years, as a possible outcome from someone who reads or listens to the training materials.

I had to read Hans’ article a few times to understand it, but he does offer 5 components to a “hype cycle”:

* 1. “Technology Trigger”
* 2. “Peak of Inflated Expectations”
* 3. “Trough of Disillusionment”
* 4. “Slope of Enlightenment”
* 5. “Plateau of Productivity”

Do any of these really refer to article production?

The real issue is that authors are NOT in a production mode and that they NEED to be in a production mode to really get a chance at ROI for this article syndication strategy.

I will agree with Hans that QUALITY should never be allowed to suffer. With that said, PERFECT articles never seem to get COMPLETED! :) Ahhh the paradox!

For those looking for an article production time-saving tip (that I use myself very often), check out this article by Hans: How to Increase Your Article Production (I Forgot to Mention This)

Your thoughts?


Lance Winslow writes:

Well folks, I have always been a skeptic by nature and you can ask Chris, some of the emails I have sent him from the time I had only 500 articles until now with my goal of 4599 by the March 23, 2006 date, which is my one year anniversary of my first article posting. In one year; that is 12.6 articles each and every day for a year.

In that time I have had at least 4-5 new article websites ask me to place articles on their websites every week. In the last year I have seen the bulk of these article websites out there disappear. And as a skeptic and highly critical of all writers previously calling them alcoholics, on prozac and failures in life over all; then eventually becoming one myself without any of those attributes. Meaning not all article websites and not all authors are hype or riding a fad.

I can say that the hype I hade originally witnessed is over and we have a set of winners here and the emergence of the category killer EzineArticles.com with 165,000 articles [4500 are mine] and 21,101 authors me being the last one in that big number and a group of authors, which are crme of the crop.

I can tell you that I agree with what Hans Bool of Spain says, as I study industries from RFID tags, BioTech and even the industries I have directly participated in. The Hype Cycle is a silly name for it, but it does exist and Hans is right. The article marketing and content providing hype cycle is nearly over and the real content providers and article providers are still going strong.

Does quality suffer? Sure it did for a while but many of those sites are gone, along with the get rich quick writers and actually my own articles are getting better as I learn thru trial and error to write better. It seemed for a while everyone was jumping on the article writing bandwagon and to kind of reminded me of starting a marathon with the huge crowd rushing forward bumping elbows. But as I look back now, I just do not see that anymore, as the true blue well-intentioned content providers press on. We are past the hype curve but there are a couple of hypers still trying to hang on to the pace. But this is a long-term race and the hypers have nearly weeded themselves out. Those are my thoughts on this issue.

Comment provided March 20, 2006 at 12:20 AM


shabda writes:

We have to find a balance between the perfect or nearly perfect article and just spewing forth what comes out of our mind. Chris what seperates EzineArticles is its quality of articles. Do not dilute it by suggesting writers to write 1000 articles in a year. Quality is bound to suffer.

Comment provided April 2, 2006 at 3:05 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

Regarding quality. I think writing 1000 articles is possible. I also know 4800 is possible in one year. Mostly because I did it. I think weak people use this quality excuse because they will not get off their butts, and walk away from their Prozac induced life of mediocrity and excuses. In fact I really believe that weak people who cannot perform need to shut up and not make comments about such things, until they themselves can better their performance by 500% over time. Then and only then can someone debate this issue. I believe you can have both quality articles and quantity and if you choose one over the other that is because you have not pushed yourself and you are weak human being with no passion or belief in self. I would not want such a person as a friend or one who gives me advice. So there.

Comment provided April 18, 2006 at 8:14 PM


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