Feb Email Stats

Feb. EzineArticles Email Stats:

7,103 permission-based email members received our daily summary email alerts sorted by one or more of our 222 categories.

The top 5 categories that we have email members who receive new article alerts are:
Internet & Businesses Online, Business, Self-Improvement, Writing & Speaking and Health & Fitness…in that order.

There were 3 categories last month that we had no new articles in them: (and therefore, no email alerts)

1) Cancer: Ovarian-Cervical-Uterine-Cancer

2) Cancer: Colon-Rectal-Cancer, and

3) Writing-and-Speaking: Teleseminars.

If you write or have expertise in any of these 3 areas, we welcome your submissions this month to help serve our publishers who are looking for new articles in these categories.

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Ramon Greenwood writes:

I produce a free semi-monthly ezine on the subject of career development. No surprise, I am working to build my list of subscribers.

Can you recommend a source where I can buy legitimate double-opt names?

Many thanks, Ramon Greenwood

Comment provided March 8, 2006 at 4:02 PM


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