Best Time of Day/Week For Article?

An expert author writes in, “I am a writer for Ezine Articles and I am curious…. Based on your experience what is the best day of the week to launch an article and the best time of that day?”

TIME OF DAY: There is no perfect time of day because no magic happens until your article gets approved and that takes anywhere from 6-48 hours depending on your level of membership. I suppose authors who get their article approved between 5am-2pm CST USA time get a slight advantage because they are included in the top of the RSS feeds for those categories during the day and they get included in the 2pm email alerts that go out, but our authors are largely not in control of when we approve an article…and our USA time zone traffic is roughly only 45-55% of our total traffic.

DAY OF WEEK: Same issues as above, except we know that our traffic spikes Sunday afternoon through Thursday night, so articles approved in that time span get just a slight more action…but it would be hard to prove because we’re splitting hairs here discussing traffic that we send you before the search engines index your article on our site.

My best advice:

Worry less about which day and time you submit your articles and worry a lot more about how you’re going to send hundreds and/or thousands of articles in this year.

It’s a process. It takes an investment of time. You can do it. It does work. 20k+ authors can’t be wrong. :)

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