Top 7 Reasons Accounts Go Bye-Bye

Since Sept 25th, 2005, 525 Author Accounts have been removed from Here are the Top 7 reasons why accounts have been removed without warning, in no particular order (the names have been changed to protect the innocent). All of these could have been avoided if the person had simply read our Editorial Guidelines before creating an account or sending in their submissions (hint, hint).

1) Gaming the System
Example: First 2 submissions were the identical article BUT changed the title and category. Full points for trying to get around the system but thanks to our brand new content checker – busted. Kudos to the Development Team for that catch.

2) “Dear Friend”
Now I’m not saying that all of the many, many sales letters sites out there that start with this salutation don’t have valuable content, many of them do. However, if you’re going to use that content as an article, at least take some time to disguise it and tone down the pitch.

You see a title like this and you pretty much don’t need to bother with the remainder of the article. That Internet thing is pretty neat, eh? Think it will take off?

Almost, not all, articles submitted by PlugInProfit affiliates are a double whammy: Private Label Content AND affiliate links.

5) Company Name as Account Author Name and first submission a Press Release.
Alone, either one of the Editorial Guideline Violations above would generally just result in a friendly email, together though is a bit much.

6) Initial 10 articles submitted right away, all 10 are private label articles found in about 15,000 other places with 15,000 different authors.
If there’s even one original one in that pack, leinency is the course of action but if all 10 are non-original? Sorry.

7) Account Author Name: Asadf Ljkjh or Xxxx Xxxxxx or…you get the picture.
That Xxxx person though sure creates a lot of accounts. Author names are tough calls some times though because EzineArticles is an international community so we almost always give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to author names unless it’s obvious.

Favorite Author Name so far to be removed: Arnold Palmer. Saw this one and being an avid golfer (avid, not good) I thought ‘Wouldn’t that be neat if it was the real, original Arnold Palmer?’ Of course it wasn’t and as it turns out, weren’t real, original articles either.

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