Can you DIGG it?

EzineArticles Expert Author Aaron R. Davis has struck an first:

He submitted the summary of one of his EzineArticles to the website. That article got picked up and helped him receive over 11,200+ page views in a short 18 day time span. This is incredible!

The article that started it all:
Linux Is Just Right For Teens

I polled Aaron to find out if someone else did the Digg on his article or if he did it. He claimed that this was 1 of the only 3 articles he’s written online and that he was surprised by the response. I guess you just never know when an article is going to trigger an avalanche of user interest, referrals, reprints, and discussion.

He even got his article picked up by the prestigious LinuxToday website as part of the collateral ROI from this single article.


Dina writes:

Two things:

My mouth fell open when I read this blog headline because I was listening to “old school dance music” circa 1994 while doing automated article submissions – and “Whoomp there it is” was on at the time – “Can you Digg it?”

This Digg thing is pretty awesome. What do they call this new form of content that’s spouting up all over the web. Everything’s being categorized and streamed in from channels… it’s crazy cool, I really like it!

But what do they call this? Is there a name for the new wave of web content?

I was trying to figure out how I can “bend” the Web Content Awareness Day news to fit the topic of technology. Not there yet but man I would love to get on this Digg bandwagon!

Have Another Cup of Coffee

Comment provided January 23, 2006 at 8:40 AM


Wayne Porter writes:

Might want to check out another Digg experiment and analysis here…

The results ended up being a first page “Digg”

Comment provided January 27, 2006 at 12:59 PM


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