Trends, Future or Past

Here’s an article template that you can use this week:

List this Past Years Trends from your Niche


Make Predictions About What Your Niche Will Experience in 2006

Why This Article Template Works: Leverage your specific niche industry expertise to define yourself as the expert who judges what was hot, what was not, and what will be hot next year. Give it a shot and we’ll be looking forward to reading your future trend predictions or past trends observed articles.

As a side bonus, you may even find this type of article picked up and commented on by other thought leaders in their blogs. Every industry needs someone to outline what was great or what sucked this year and what to look forward to next year. For your niche, let that seer be you.


Lance Winslow writes:

This is a good idea as we will see these articles out in the media everywhere? Probably would have been better to get them in by the 20th. Yet I see they are still going to be very trendy and can pierce the time issue using past, present and future trends. How would we best title these. I think I could write 100 or so of these by January 1. Would it be best to title it; “Carwashing Trends in 2006” “Carwashing Industry 2006 Predictions” “2006 Predictions for Carwashing” “Carwashing then and now” “Carwashing Industry Review and Predictions” What are your thoughts on that? Because this is a great idea, but must be acted on to get the full leverage probably between right now and January 15. So the time is of the essense indeed. You thoughts on this please.

Comment provided December 27, 2005 at 6:16 PM


Larry M. Lynch writes:

Greetings Lance,

My title suggestion for you would be:

“Carwashing Industry Predictions for 2006”

I think it’s less confusing than the others and is still to the point. You could also add a defining subtitle like “Carwashing Industry Predictions for 2006 That Will Give the Industry New Focus” if you want to tighten the article focus a bit.

Keep up the good work.

Larry M. Lynch

Comment provided December 30, 2005 at 4:02 PM


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