Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas or Happy Dec 25th, whichever you prefer.

(Fluffy got his cat nip for Christmas)

Me? I got a Sirius S50 personal satellite radio to take my Sirius “The Beat” music into the gym. What did you get? Were you naughty or nice this year?

Why Christmas Exists?

While the exact birthdate of Christ is not known, most researches think Christmas originated as the Christian substitute or offset to the Pagan Winter Solstice celebration.

Other things that happened to date of note:

– 1996 My young Grandma who smoked too much died of lung cancer. RIP

– 1991 Gorbachev resigns as president of the USSR

– 1989 Japanese scientist achieve -271.8 degrees C, coldest temp ever recorded

– 1941 British surrender Hong Kong

– 1936 Belgian bishops condemn fascism and communism

– 1818 1st known Christmas carol (“Silent Night, Holy Night”) sung (Austria)

– 1741 Astronomer Anders Celcius introduces Centigrade temperature scale

– 1492 Columbus’ ship Santa Maria docks at Dominican Republic

– 597 England adopts Julian calendar

– 1 Dionysus Exiguus (calendar-maker) says Christmas is today.


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