Dec 15th Top 15 Authors

Between December 1st-15th, here are the top authors by submissions accepted:

  1. Don Diebel – 293
  2. Christopher Luck – 126
  3. Shelley Lowery – 105
  4. Gabe Mirkin, M.D. – 90
  5. Jeff Herring – 80
  6. Roger King – 77
  7. Bill Platt – 74
  8. John Mancini – 73
  9. Theresa Cahill – 69
  10. James Monahan – 67
  11. Kal Bishop – 63
  12. Roger Sorensen – 59
  13. Carrie Reeder – 58
  14. John Murray – 47
  15. Adel Awwad – 46

Many new faces since last month, eh? Including some of Don’s controversial articles.


Jean Tracy, MSS writes:

Did these authors actually write and send all these articles in 15 days? If so, it’s almost incredible.


Comment provided December 15, 2005 at 9:29 AM


Lance Winslow writes:

Jean, it is incredible. I can tell you it is also very hard work, no matter how you cut it. If they were pre-written, well that is a lot of articles in its self.

I know one month I shattered any known record as I wrote 286,000 words in one month, if I can do that and I am not even a writer, nothing surprises me, except maybe those who prevent themselves from doing so because they actually believe they can’t. So I know it is possible, never heard of anyone else ever doing it. But I have heard of authors of novels hitting 150,000 plus words in a month before and read about a contest where every November authors come and write a 50,000 word article in 30-days; that would be 125 articles at 400 words each. At 300 words each it is 167 articles. One month I wrote 570 articles and all were original. Today I wrote 9 articles in 2-hours.

Now mind you I am not perfect by any means in my writing, yet, we should put these things into perspective. I am very impressed with Don and his thought provoking articles, that man can make you think and he had already admitted that he has been writing for years and therefore he has the skill to write that many articles off the cuff, even if many these were pre-written.

Fact is these folks have written quite a bit and now they will get maximum benefit from posting them here and now. Good point Jean, what an incredible group of writers whether or not all or some of these articles were writing between the dates of December 1 and December 15. I am quite happy to see all these writers get their just due thru the synergies and economies of scale of with over 100,000 articles online and 15,000 authors. What a rush to ride this Tsunami which is reshaping the landscape of the World Wide Web.

Comment provided December 15, 2005 at 6:34 PM


Sheryl Keyworth writes:

Oh my gosh! I thought it is just wonderful to have 2 articles published through EzineArticles. I cant imagine that many articles, specially in that amount of time. I applaud them… Thanks.

Comment provided December 20, 2005 at 10:27 PM


Susan Scharfman writes:

If we’re talking quality as well as quantity, plus completely original, I am blown away. I spend hours on just the right word, the right phrase, the right sentence. Hats off and Bravos!!!

Comment provided December 21, 2005 at 9:20 AM


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