October EzineArticles List Stats

Our Permission-Based Email List Stats for Oct 31st:

4,414 members are on daily summary email alerts for our 183 article categories. These proprietary double opt-in email lists are an important way that we help to promote your articles.

9,057 are on the main EzineArticles newsletter, 253 are on the blog notification list, 1,193 are waiting for us to turn out an affiliate program and 98 are waiting for us to allow new advertisers into the site.

Thou Shalt Not SPLOG

SPLOGS is a term that means “SPAM BLOG.” Usually a SPLOG will be filled with automated nonsense content stolen or scraped from other sites. Usually they promote affiliate links or PPC advertisers until they get shut down for TOS abuse.

Any author listed on our site that gets reported or identified and investigated for splogging will lose their account. We do not want to associate with those who engage in SPLOGGING. The last thing we need on this planet is more SPLOGS — they are just as evil as email-based spamming.

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