Splog Reporting

For those following the blogspot/blogger splog abuse issue, one of the ways to report the blog as a splog is by selecting the FLAG option in the upper right corner of the blog.

Sploggers have gotten smarter and they will often put up a corner banner to hide the flag option or worse: sneaky javascript that redirects any click on the entire website to a website of their choice…which prevents us from FLAGGING the blog as a splog.

We’re not going to take this any more and here’s how to beat the splogger at their own game:
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Scraping Defined

An EzineArticles author asks, “I have recently heard the term “scraping” used and I gather it is some way of taking info from one site and placing it on another. I understand RSS feeds but this seems to be something different. It also seems to me to be not quite “kosher”.”

Answer: “Scraping” is a term used to describe (in mostly derogatory tone) of the act of ripping off or taking content from one site and putting it on another, mostly done via automated means.
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Debbie LaChusa – Author Spotlight

EzineArticles expert author Debbie LaChusa is our author spotlight today and she is a perfect example of an ideal EzineArticles.com author.

Debbie LaChusa

Here’s why:
– Her articles are tight, easy to digest and easy on the eyes.
– Excellent use of bold, lists, numbers in her articles.
– Debbie is writing from real-world expertise and not fluff
– Her resource box is clean, neat and to the point with an
excellent call to action. (worth modeling!)

Debbie has written and self-published two marketing workbooks, “A Step-by-Step Marketing Guide” and “A Step-by-Step Marketing Guide for Your Fitness Business” which have sold copies worldwide. Her advice is also featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s “How to Start a Personal Training Business” and she is a contributor to the San Diego Business Journal.

An excellent example of her work: Small Business Marketing: 10 Steps to Help You Plan for a Successful 2006

Lastly, take a peak at her website as it’s clean, easy to navigate, and her value proposition is clearly spelled out. Nice job Debbie! :-)

Call To Action (Resource Box)

EzineArticles expert “Dave” asks, “Is it appropriate to have any form of call to action in the resource box for my articles?”

Answer: YES!

Your resource box is your lead generation invitation for the reader to do business with you, to learn more about you, to get something for free (such as an ezine subscription, a 7 part e-course, a free special report, etc). Read This Article on how to create the “Perfect Resource Box”
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Technology Update

In the past few weeks, we’ve had a hard time keeping a constant flow of communication with our authors — largely because of all of the scaling issues we’re working hard to address.

Our web development projects are split in 3 categories:

1) Dangerous threats that need to be addressed.
2) Adding new functionality into the current core of our site.
3) Preparing the database and webserver for scaling
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Duplicate Title Penalty

The bad news: Effective immediately, we are no longer allowing duplicate title’s in any article by any author name.

The good news: Our site will be 100% unique title’s for all articles soon… setting a new standard not normally adhered to by competing article directories.

Previously we allowed duplicate titles of any article as long as it wasn’t by the same exact author name… because it’s legit that multiple authors might want to have the exact same article title, even though the body of their articles are unique.

Here’s why this change or restriction was necessary:
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Multi-Country Legal Issue

Lately we’ve had to contemplate some of our policies to address turf war complaints as they come in.

Example: An England firm claims in an article that they have the original registered trademark on a certain name brand, unlike their copycats in Spain who also complain and claim that they have the original trademark of the same brand… only for us to research and find out two USA companies also have an identical legitimate registered trademark on the same brand name.

Who’s right?
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October Top EzineArticles Authors

Congrats to the Top 10 EzineArticles authors that submitted articles between October 1st to the 31st!

  1. Platinum : Lance Winslow – 570
  2. Platinum : Leon Chaddock – 137
  3. Platinum : Kal Bishop – 107
  4. Platinum : Carrie Reeder – 90
  5. Platinum : Matthew Keegan – 88
  6. Platinum : Richard Chapo – 79
  7. Platinum : Susanne Pacher – 76
  8. Platinum : Jeff Herring – 68
  9. Platinum : Charles Kassotis – 64
  10. Platinum : Terje Ellingsen – 62

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Chitika eMinimalls

Did you notice the black 4GB iPod Nano ads in the left navigation of our main site? We’re testing the Chitika eMiniMalls advertising concept. So far, we’re very impressed and they will make a nice compliment to AdSense.

Get your own Chitika account

They do have a contextual option that we’re not using, but we are implementing Chitika right now for all of the hundreds of thousands of page views of traffic that our site generates that Google does not have ads for.

Chitika is not a Google AdSense replacement, but I do like how we are able to serve up image ads that will offer related products from a wide inventory of hard goods.

Over the next week the ads that Chitika serves up will become more relevant as we are setting up our site to allow per-channel advertising…meaning, we’ll be able to serve up specific ads in each channel rather than one set of them across the entire site. Don’t worry as we’re not going to go nuts and clutter up our site, even if it’s more profitable to do that in the short-term. We like having a clean site also that doesn’t have any of those punch the stupid monkey banner ads.

If you are a publisher and earn money via advertising, I highly recommend that you check out and test Chitika yourself.

Posting in the Future?

Yes or No Question for Authors:

Should we give you the ability to schedule new article submissions that won’t be reviewed & approved by our editors until a set date in the future that you specify?

Is this member feature of any value?

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