Dina Interviews Lance

If you need a good Friday injection of article author inspiration and motivation, check out this article/interview of EzineArticles expert Lance Winslow as interviewed by EzineArticles expert Dina Giolitto. Lance reveals some of his inspiration and thinking behind why he is blazing the article trail and why you can too!

Problem Articles?

As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve recently added to our Editorial Staff and will actually be bringing on another person early next week. Growth is great but sometimes it does bring growing pains. One of these growing pains is that while our newer editors are getting the feel for reviewing and approving articles, they may in error place an article in Problem Status when realistically it shouldn’t have been.

So my request to all of you is that if you receive an email saying you have an article in Problem Status and you question that decision, please email us so we can take another look at it. I would appreciate it as it presents a learning experience for our new editors if there was an error and you may appreciate it too as your article may get approved.

Thanks in advance! :-)

Testing Yet Another SE

If you’ve been following our internal search engine changes, you saw that we buckled about 2 weeks ago under the load at a peak of 5,000 searches on our site a day.
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Empirical Evidence

A reader sent me an email that he also gave me permission to reprint. His comments first and then my response:
“Here are the positives I’ve picked up on so far: (1) You have an honest face, (2) In your writing, you have a sense of humor, (3) You generate articles yourself, suggesting that you really do believe there is value in it, (4) I found one fellow’s site complaining that you wouldn’t publish his erotica, telling me that you do have some standards, (5) can thousands of article submitters all be wrong? Those are all positives, but not the empirical evidence I’m looking for that article marketing is worth the time and trouble.

What gives me reservations?”
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Author 2.0

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “Web 2.0” silliness, but if there were an “Author 2.0” as a concept, I saw it today.

We did some targeted tests within our Basic members trying to help them become Platinum members by encouraging them to send us 20 or more articles via one email.

About a dozen of them instantly sent us .zip files of their articles sorted by topic of expertise. This is the behavior of a perfect “Author version 2.0”
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Puggle Article Dog

What the heck is a “PUGGLE”… I asked myself?

Somehow, this article that was submitted by Sara C on Nov 5th became our top incoming searched for keyword this month.

Apparantly a “Puggle” is a cross bread dog between a PUG and a BEAGLE.

Top 15 on the 15th

Here are the top 15 authors by submissions for the first 15 days of November:
Platinum : Lance Winslow – 164
Platinum : Carrie Reeder – 83
Platinum : Kal Bishop – 69
Platinum : Leon Chaddock – 58
Platinum : Matthew Keegan – 57
Platinum : Ryan Fyfe – 55
Platinum : John T Jones, Ph.D. – 41
Platinum : Lee Dobbins – 37
Platinum : Connie Limon – 35
Platinum : Amy-Jo Strutt – 33
Platinum : Steve Hill – 32
Platinum : Jeff Herring – 31
Platinum : Kelly Nault – 28
Platinum : Glenn Cohen – 26
Platinum : Richard Chapo – 26

This always reminds me…that the rich get richer because the rich keep doing things that make them richer while the poor wallow or make excuses for why they are not rich yet. Same goes for article writing. You either execute your article writing goals, plans and dreams or you watch others do the same. There is still plenty time this month to get on top of the list and our article submission door is always open. :) You can do it too!

Category Congestion

Thesis: Category congestion on EzineArticles.com does not exist.

When you submit to our site, you are not competing with the other articles in the same category that your articles are listed in despite your natural feeling or intuition that may say otherwise.

Sure, it would be great if someone came to the “insert your category” and only found your last 75-200 articles on that topic, but that’s not going to happen on a site of our scale.
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14k Unique Authors

14,000 unique author level was reached today! Coolness. :)

1,604 are Platinum Unlimited status (11.4%)
227 are Basic Plus Members (1.6%)
12,036 are Basic Members (86%)
120 are suspended from future submissions (.8%)
86 are suspended with their accounts pending investigation (.6%)

Platinum members represented the top 45 out of the top 50 submissions by number of articles this month so far, with the other 5 out of 50 being Basic Plus level members. Where are the BASIC members? Do they need boot camp? :?)

669 is the magic number

Around 3am CST this morning our programming team was busy implementing several new features that we’ve been developing over the past 2 weeks.

One of the major features is that we now have 669 ad channels (3 ad positions per category for all 223 categories). This was one of the big design changes that we needed to make to prepare the site to accept advertising by category and by position and it will provide us with real-time feedback as to which sections we should give greater attention to.

Also…a new quality control module was added:
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