Author 2.0

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “Web 2.0” silliness, but if there were an “Author 2.0” as a concept, I saw it today.

We did some targeted tests within our Basic members trying to help them become Platinum members by encouraging them to send us 20 or more articles via one email.

About a dozen of them instantly sent us .zip files of their articles sorted by topic of expertise. This is the behavior of a perfect “Author version 2.0”


Because they made it very easy for us to instantly syndicate their articles without having to think very much.

Every author that makes some or all of their articles available for syndication should really consider zipping up their articles and providing them in a .zip package along with a README.TXT file that explains the reprint rights and resource box that goes with each article.

Bravo to the EzineArticles authors who are already v2.0 material. :-)

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