669 is the magic number

Around 3am CST this morning our programming team was busy implementing several new features that we’ve been developing over the past 2 weeks.

One of the major features is that we now have 669 ad channels (3 ad positions per category for all 223 categories). This was one of the big design changes that we needed to make to prepare the site to accept advertising by category and by position and it will provide us with real-time feedback as to which sections we should give greater attention to.

Also…a new quality control module was added:

One new set of modules were added that will allow us to tag every article with a quality control time/date/user stamp. This is a behind the scenes thing as we’re setting up to be able to not only track the Associate Editor who approved an article along with the time/date/user stamp, but we’ll be able to see which Managing Editor time/date/user approved the article a 2nd time.

Yes, you read that right. We are nearing ready to have 2 human approvals per article, the first approval by an Associate Editor and a 2nd approval by a Managing Editor who can overturn an approval or send the article back for changes.

We take our responsibility to only approve articles that meet the editorial guidelines very seriously as this sets the tone for the quality of the user experience from our site.

There were 3-4 additional secret changes we made in the database design that will be revealed in the near future as we’re now building the user interfaces to address the new capabilities.

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