Gada.Be Delivers EzineArticles

I’ve been waiting for him to bring the service out of alpha so that I could tell you about it. Chris Pirillo’s new service (beta) carries EzineArticles in the keyword feed results. When I was in Seattle a week and a half ago, Pirillo invited us to be in his keyword search results.

Example: Check out the feed results for the search term: “Welding” — Scroll down the page and you’ll find a listing of EzineArticles that meet that search criteria.

Essentially any keyword or keyphrase that gets searched in his new meta-search engine will spit out results from in real-time via a direct database query done via XML. We compete with 140 other data providers and he hasn’t shared his alog yet as to which feed gets selected for which results… but any inclusion is a plus for our 12k+ authors.

This is just another way we are working to bring more traffic to your articles. :-)
Ok, stop reading and go to to check it out for yourself. It may be slow as his servers are getting slammed. Looks like we have weight on his “Research” selection…which is perfect.

Use Google Reader

Still haven’t figured out which RSS reader you’re going to use to read your favorite RSS feeds?

Try: Google Reader as it was just released this past week and is pretty cool. :)

My Google to replace My Yahoo?

I’ve had My Yahoo as my default home page for years now, but this morning I tried out the new My Google personalized home page.

Now that I’ve installed the CustomizedGoogle extension in my FireFox browser, I think I may be ready to switch to My Google for my home page. This FireFox extension gives me the power of a Google search with the option to try alternate search engines from the previously populated search field that I entered.

Google’s delivery is cleaner than Yahoo but it appears Yahoo gives a few more choices in the customization.

[UPDATED 2 days later: My first link in my bookmarks on My.Google page is a link to My.Yahoo… Yeah, I’ve come full circle because my Firefox browser keeps messing up displaying the personalized Google page right]

What do you use for your personlized home page?

Searchable XML Feed

Attn: RSS savvy publishers: Would you like a searchable RSS feed of our ENTIRE database that would allow you to include the top 10-100 results of any specific search string in your meta-search engine SERPS? Contact us (Offer available to those who are already doing this with other feeds. When you contact us, show us where you’ll use the feed please.)

Our XML search service defaults with a spit out of the top 10 articles that meet your provided keyword search and a listing of TITLE, SUMMARY and a link to the full article.

Authors might ask, “Why are we doing this?” Answer = This is our first move to provide an API into our database so that other mega-sites or meta-search engines can provide traffic to your articles on our site based on the keyword searches of THEIR audience. We were beta on this for the past two weeks and it’s ready for commercial use. In the coming month, I’ll show you some niche sites that are testing our new keyword specific XML feed.

Can you feel the innovation pressure? :-) I was standing on my desk today jumping up and down about how cool this new functionality is.

Why Javascript For Author Feed

A few authors have asked why we are only making the author XML feeds available via javascript instead of a plain XML file that can be scraped by CaRP or other RSS feed scraping utilities.

Answer: For 2 main reasons:
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PoynterOnline’s Writing Tools

Writing tools from the workbench of Roy Peter Clark:The Writing Tools

Not only worth reading, but worth bookmarking and returning multiple times until you’ve doubled your writing quality. :-)… me included.

Email Alerts – Going Granular

If you like our new article email alerts but can’t stand the volume or perhaps you don’t care about all of the other topics within the main category that you are subscribed to…

Well, don’t despair as our team is nearing the release of an email alert list for EVERY single category, all 180+ of them. The main categories of alerts will continue, but by next week you’ll have the option to only get email alerts for a specific category…any category of interest.

Our goal is to UP the Relevancy of our email alerts as the volume cranks up so that you have LESS of what you don’t want and more that is valuable to your specific interests. :)

Article Stats Collecting

Some folks collect stats, but our team collects GIGS of stats to better analyze what’s going through the pipeline.

Lately, our team has done some tactical drilling into our article databases to show me the most commonly mentioned keywords sorted by category. I suppose you’d call it a keyword density report and as the number of articles climbs towards 80k, we’ve got a statistically quantity to review the data with some level of confidence.

So, what do we do with this data now that we have it?
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My MSN – Does anyone care?

Does anyone really use MSN for their homepage?

I’m questioning whether or not we should remove all of our MyMSN buttons on our RSS page.

Your thoughts? Come on over and VOTE in our forums poll today.

Updated Oct 7th: Don Loeb (he works for Yahoo’s RSS team) commented on a private discussion list that I’m on that we should all take a peek at this new RSS whitepaper that was released yesterday.

Bonnie Davis’s Blog

I admit it. I also read Bonnie Davis’s blog called “Articles That Sell”.

How can my ego ignore her lovely “Christopher Knight Rocks!” statement. It’s like taking a bath in sunshine. :), ok I’m over myself now.

Read Bonnie Jo Davis’s latest articles via this link.

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