1 Million Come To The Party

Thanks to you, we’re happy to report last month over (1) million unique visitors surfed EzineArticles.com. This is a testament to each of our 12,570 authors (as of this blog post) and the many ezine publishers and RSS feed partners who help bring traffic to our authors and their articles!

This release is designed to spread the word to authors who have not heard of us yet and attract large scale partners to help bring more traffic to every author in the EzineArticles community.

Check out our newest press release or the PRWeb version.

…more cool innovations are coming this month yet! :-)

75k Article Milestone

A few minutes ago, we added article number 75,000.

It was Kenth Nasstrom’s article:
Speed Read Faster than Ever with these 4 Tips

Thanks for being part of the EzineArticles.com expert author community!

October Trail Blazers

For the first 15 days of October, here are our leading authors sorted by numbers of articles submitted (and their membership level with us):

Platinum : Lance Winslow – 257
Platinum : Terje Ellingsen – 43
Platinum : Mansi Aggarwal – 41
Platinum : John Gibb – 40
Basic Plus : Arvind Katoch – 35
Basic Plus : Leon Chaddock – 34
Platinum : Kenneth Hoffman – 33
Platinum : Ispas Marin – 31
Platinum : Roy Miller – 30
Platinum : Matthew Keegan – 29
Platinum : Carrie Reeder – 28
Platinum : Richard Chapo – 28
Platinum : Kal Bishop – 26
Platinum : Jon Butt – 22
Platinum : Michelle Higgins – 22

Way to go article-writing leaders! Show everyone else what’s possible. :-)

September Email Stats

As of September 30th, 2005, we had:

* 8,828 members receiving the EzineArticles periodic newsletter
* 2,647 members receiving daily new article email alerts
* 1,055 that mentioned interest in becoming an affiliate
* 231 blog readers of the EzineArticles Blog notify email list
* 75 marketers who want to be notified when we accept new advertisers

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Why The Booster Rocket?

Some authors have wondered why there is a booster rocket of traffic that comes to your articles when you first send them in and then they get a more natural flow of traffic after about 3-9 weeks of being in our site.

Boost Your Artice Marketing Into The  Trafficosphere!

I call it the “Booster Rocket” effect and here is why it happens (on purpose, BTW):

A day in the life of a new approved EzineArticles.com article:

1) You send in an article.

2) We approve and publish it.

3) We send it to our RSS feeds in real-time and your article gets read by folks who view our site in their favorite RSS reader. A select group of approved RSS publishers publish your title, summary and a link back to the full article, giving it more traffic.

4) We make it available to our new XML keyword search partners that return keyword search results of the most recent articles submitted as we can only display 10-25 usually for them… hence, the newest articles get listed first.
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The “We” Pattern Giveaway

I thought I’d share today one of the insider patterns that we use to identify articles that are too promotional to accept: It’s called the “We” pattern and here’s how we identify this type of article:

An author will be giving tips or techniques to the reader as if they were talking 1:1 and all of a sudden, they will say something like this in the middle or near the top of the article: “We at boat1ship builders know how to clean boats”.

Did you see the voice change from *I, My, Me* to *We or Our* – we are suspect of the article being too promotional. It’s like the conversation just changed from a 1:1 writer/reader relationship to a team/reader relationship…which is good in sales copy, but not good in article writing for this type of site.

Earl Nightingale – Author Spotlight

Today’s author spotlight is none other than the legendary: Earl Nightingale

Lead The Field with Earl Nightingale

I was first introduced to Earl’s Lead the Field product about a decade ago and it was one of my favorite leadership secrets type of audio program.

Lead The Field with Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale co-founded Nightingale Conant – an audio publishing company with over 2 million customers. You can’t know about self help or self improvement without knowing about Earl. :-)

“You become what you think about” – Earl Nightingale

What’s amazing is that 24 other expert EzineArticles authors mentioned Earl’s name in their articles.

Earl Nightingale died on March 28, 1989, but his legacy still lives on. While his expertise is excellent for those who are young and old, if you know of anyone in their 20s, I’d highly recommend that you hook them up with his Strangest Secret in the World for Succeeding Today or Lead the Field as these are two classics that are part of my library and should be part of yours also.

Article Reviewers

At least once a week someone asks us if they can be one of our “article reviewer’s”?…either as a paid reviewer or volunteer.

While we’re glad there is interest, we don’t have any intention of ever hiring an article review outside of our in-house team of local associate editors.

By keeping the editorial labor in-house and local, we remove any political conflicts of having to worry about an editor doing something to a competitor that is also listed with us.

I think our authors will feel easier knowing that only our full time and part-time employees/team members are managing the behind-the-scenes article review, approval process and/or the author/editor communications.

MS Word HREF Tip

A tip for authors who write their aritcles in MS Word:

Don’t use MS Word to create your HREF statements. In some cases, Word will lob off the quotes around the URL and in other cases, the smart quotes will further make your HREF statement invalid.

Better to write your HREF statements in a true text editor, such as EditPlus, Notepad, Notetab, UltraEdit, etc… or better yet, just include a valid URL in your resource box and our system will auto-make-it-an-active-link. :)

Anchored Text

A few select authors have figured out how to get us to approve their over-optimized article because it meets our editorial guidelines of having only 3 self-serving active links.

The pattern: They will select 3 words they are gunning for in the body of their article and will link them up to their domain. The resource box is blank.

This play is so obvious and an abuse that we’re not going to approve articles like that any more. Handfuls of authors had their accounts frozen this morning. This is a lesson on what not to do. The folks who did the abuse had to know it was wrong. I’m disapointed I have to even talk about this issue.
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