Copyright Free vs. Copyrighted

Some folks (including some article bank competitors) are confused about the difference between “copyright free articles” vs. “copyrighted articles” vs. “licensed articles.”

Let me make it very clear:

100% of all articles on are COPYRIGHTED articles. We do not have ANY copyright free articles. zip. none. nadda. not here.
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Jeff Herring, The Article Guy Teleclinic

*Free 60-Minute One-Time Teleclinic*

Learn How To Write & Leverage Your Articles

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 25th at 7-8pm CST for a FREE 60 minute teleclinic. I’ll be interviewing expert author Jeff Herring (aka, The Article Guy) and the focus of the call will be aimed at helping newbies and intermediate level authors get their start off the ground and hit the Article Marketing strategy running.

Aimed at the newbie to intermediate article writer that needs help getting started or is trying to figure out how to use article marketing as a strategy more effectively.

I’ll be asking Jeff questions about how to take your prospect from READER to CUSTOMER/SUBSCRIBER via articles, his 5-step process that he uses himself (he is our #2 author right now by article volume), and other article writing hurdles that Jeff will teach everyone on the call how to overcome.

Go here to sign up today: (hurry, limited participation allowed)

Yes, we will have a short 10-12 minute Q&A session near the end of the call. :)

Who’s the girl in the photo? I have no idea, but the look on her face is exactly the look on many of the faces of new entprepreneurs who are struggling to write articles in a significant volume and quality to have a positive impact for their business. Our goal on this call is to help you navigate the article writing and marketing process with an emphasis on getting into article writing action immediately. :) Hope you can join us for Tuesday’s teleclinic.

Database Work This Weekend

Normally we just try to pretend that we never have any server problems…

but today, we had a kernel fall apart in our MySQL database server…that cascaded into a corrupt database that needed to be repaired. We were able to get the webserver back up, but without the database server, there was nothing to serve up correctly…so we went dark instead of serving up garbage.

We were down for about 2.5 hour today (feels like an eternity) and later tonight, we’re going down for 2 hours for a deep repair of our database.

The search engine on the top of our site has been removed as it’s overloading our servers.

A 5th high-end dedicated server is in the process of being acquired and this will be dedicated to the search function.

So far, no data has been lost and we have multiple redundant off-premise secure backups of our systems.

I/we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and know that we are working on re-stabilizing our systems this weekend.

Neuron Expert Authors

A crazy idea: Perhaps instead of only identifying our authors as “Expert Authors” or “Platinum quality level authors”, we could create a new level of author status:

Got Brains? Write Your Own Articles

Expert Neuron Original Author

Definition: Unique type of author found in the community that is specialized to write and submit original content articles that they wrote directly from their own neuro-network rather than the neuro-net of someone else (such as a ghostwriter).


Now, ghostwriters, don’t get all bent out of shape on me over this as I’m not saying ghost writing is bad, wrong or evil. I’m saying your clients are bad, wrong and evil when they fail to quality control articles they purchase from low voltage ghostwriters.

Does anyone know of any industry standards group to help separate the evil ghostwriters who sell their clients plagairized crap vs. the honest and hard working ghostwriter?

Some in the ‘woo woo’ camps say that there is no such thing as an “original thought”, but there are clearly articles written by original authors who deserve a different level of respect than the author who bought the articles they posted on our site.

What do you think?

17,294 Articles FWD to Friends

Useless trivia of the day: Since we started offering the ability to forward an article to a friend (August 4th, 2004), 17,294 articles have been forwarded to friends. Just another way we help our authors get more exposure to their articles. :) At the current pace, 2,697 articles will be forwarded to friends in October 2005 alone.

The most common comment left for their friend to read is… “I LOVE YOU”, followed by “PLEASE PRINT THIS”, followed by “Interesting, eh?”

The most common language used in the comment left (after Ingles) is Spanish followed closely by German.

Interesting factoid about comments left this month: Some folks are using the hurricane articles on our site to convince their loved ones to get out of town!

Ghost Writers

It may just be the day and times we live in, but as the volume heads into the 400-700 articles approved per day… I have less and less confidence in ghostwritten articles.

It’s not that I’m against the concept of ghostwriting at all, but that most authors who hire ghostwriters don’t quality control their people and they end up sending in crap that we then have to sift through to reject.

I’m thinking that we should start to label authors with the following grades:

A) Original written material
B) Ghostwritten material (this author may be fake)
C) Ghostwritten material with some original words.

How in the world can a publisher come to our site to find articles that were really written by the authors who say they wrote them?
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New Kid On The Block

Thanks to the ever-increasing incoming flow of articles, I would like to introduce you to our newest editor, Mary.

Also known by her alias, Associate Editor #9, Mary comes to us with a vast amount of experience in copywriting as well as a good deal of editorial and proofing talent. So an official Welcome Aboard to Mary!

1,000+ Comments Milestone

This week we approved our 1,000th comment posted to an article.

It was a comment to Janice Elizabeth Small’s article: Poor Weight Loss Advice : 10 Red Flags

I love how end users are able to add value to the discussion by posting their comments on any article. We do moderate this and reject about 10% of all incoming comments that are too promotional…but overall, some excellent and insightful comments are added daily.
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Same Author Names

Authors, we need your help:

The way the current system works today, we can only accept one author name per complete system…which means, if your name is “Christopher M. Knight”, that there can be only one author name with that exact name.

This policy has brought about 2 dozen complaints over the past 6 months, especially as we add thousands of new authors…many of which have the exact same full names as other people in unrelated industries.
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Lance Winslow’s 500k+ PV’s

This past week, Lance’s 2,465+ article submissions created 544,518 page views as of this blog post. His first article posted was March 25, 2005, so he’s been submitting for 7 months.

I asked him what his inspiration was behind the articles that he writes and this is what he had to say:

“I want to turn people back on, get them to use their minds again and teach
people to think by making sure that people believe in themselves, have
confidence in their own abilities, and think for themselves, we can break
through the confines of religion, prejudice, economic enslavement, war,
education, physical limitations, and government bureaucracy. The forward
progression of humankind must press on and go beyond the barriers that are
slowing us down; it is time now to move forward, are you coming with us.”

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