Jeff Mills Podcast Interview

EzineArticles expert author Jeff Mills interviews Chris Knight (me) for his Podcast this week. Go here and click on Podcast #6 to take a listen. 36 minutes.

Highlights from my talking points:

* The real magic behind article syndication is that related ezine publishers and webmasters pick up your articles — further providing you with targeted traffic relating to your niche.

* Often you can’t buy the kind of value that having just one of your articles sent to a related niche email newsletter with the implied endorsement by the publisher of that ezine.

* Reiteration of everything we do to drive traffic to your articles beyond what the search engines provide…email alerts, RSS feeds, etc.

* How we want to position EzineArticles as an ally to the search engines — We want to to provide them with high quality original or exclusive licensed content that answers the needs of their users. When a user of a major search engine comes to our site and has their needs met, then we have succeeded at making the search engines look good.

* Title intelligence importance combined with natural language.

* I leaked that we have an enormous amount of back-end tracking to identify authors who send in substantially duplicate content so that we can remove their articles and ban them.

* Tip for newbie authors with us: Don’t repeat the TITLE of your article at the top of the ARTICLE BODY.

* Tip: Don’t write for keyword density, but rather share your passion and expertise in natural language.

* Good article size is 250-650 words with 450 words being the sweet spot or perfect article size.

* Reiteration of my “Article Agents” theory.

* Once you force yourself to think in 250-500 word articles and you write a few dozen of them…it becomes easy to do…to the point where your brain begins to write the articles while you’re daydreaming.

* What’s with the 80% of our 13k expert authors that only send in a small handful or articles and then disappear? What clues are they missing that our top 20% gets?

* Article BODY is the “Give” and the RESOURCE BOX is the “Take.”

* Use your RESOURCE BOX to LEAD GENERATE, moreso than drive sales directly.

* Don’t blow off the keywords part of each of your article submissions. They are more important than you think.

* How we balance the many constituents of our site…

* Reminder that Google AdWords buyers can TARGET in their campaigns so that their ads can show up on our site specifically.

* Critical mass for those who want to leverage article marketing, then target 250 articles…and if you want to own your niche, focus on 2,500 articles. Yes, it can be done and others have done it before.

* Be careful to not buy non-exclusive rights or private labeled articles as we consider these trash and we work hard to reject these in our effort to keep duplicate content off our site.

If you took a listen to this podcast, please post any other insights or questions you had from it:


Allen Williams writes:

Hi Chris,

Very informative interview and insightful comments.

As an article publisher, and author, so many of these points hit home.

I especially liked your comments about the Body=the give, and the Resource Box=the take though I’d label it something more like Resource Box=get. :-)

What is the key that everyone is looking for? Quality, relevant, informative, interesting, useful content.

True for the Big 3: SE’s, content publishers, and people searching for information on your topic.

Too many authors think of article writing as a way to improve only one aspect of their business.

When you provide those things I listed above, you give the Big 3 what they’re looking for and receive your own Big 3.

1. link popularity
2. relevant traffic
3. credibility

Lastly, as authors and website owners are looking for ways to shortcut this process the number of non-exclusive rights and private label rights sellers has increased.

In my opinion, they are harming their customers by doing this and not providing them with enough information to properly use that content.

At Linksnoop we’re refusing more than your 10% though not in the volume you are, but many of them are simply the same articles with slightly different (usually not different at all though) titles and adding their name and resource box.

Several of those ‘authors’ have replied to their refusal messages with concern and disbelief.

“What? I got this article from (insert content For Sale site name here) and they said I own the right to do this.”

Yes, they own the right to do that, but that does not make it an acceptable submission.

It’s also not the way to build any of the authors’ Big 3 I mentioned above.

If someone wants to use this sort of content, I suggest using it on their own site only with a copyright notice and date and not “Your Name Here” as author.

Be well, live well, die last.

Allen Williams

Comment provided October 30, 2005 at 8:54 PM


Daphne writes:

Hi Jeff Mills

I am interested in your EzineArticles,
because I have a blog called Daphnesbusiness
Banners, it is totally NOT the same as yours
the style has caused comments. Most of the
content is from websites I wish to promote,

When I need to write content myself I worry
I may get it wrong, so it is wonderful to
be able to learn from other’s.

Warm Regards
Daphne Unsted

Comment provided November 8, 2005 at 11:44 AM


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