1,000+ Comments Milestone

This week we approved our 1,000th comment posted to an article.

It was a comment to Janice Elizabeth Small’s article: Poor Weight Loss Advice : 10 Red Flags

I love how end users are able to add value to the discussion by posting their comments on any article. We do moderate this and reject about 10% of all incoming comments that are too promotional…but overall, some excellent and insightful comments are added daily.

We even facilitate spelling error corrections and catch naughty authors who send in content they didn’t have a right to…and this is all done behind the scenes.

Authors can view the comments on their articles from their MY ARTICLE REPORTS section of their private membership interface.

If you want to review all of the comments on any articles in any category of our site, here’s a place we link to all of the comments: The Sitemap

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