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I learned a new word this week: posthumously –> It’s an adjective that means “after death.”

Laura M. Walker

Today, we received our first articles posted by an author who died tragically at a young age: Laura M. Walker

Laura was working on these articles right before her death and her family sent them to us so that others could benefit from their daughter’s writing passion:

The Things That Stay Important To Us…
Road Linking Afghan Cities Nears Completion

I can think of no better honor for Laura’s family than to continue to allow her articles spread the truth about what our troops are doing for the benefit of future generations of our friends in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

It’s my understanding that Laura had dreams of becoming a journalist when she returned home from duty. It was great to see that she had an opportunity to document her work while out there and from many of the photos on her memorial site, it appears she was a great photographer as well. She will be missed.


Aderemi Ojikutu writes:

Thanks Chris,

this is my 1st time of catching the pictorial glimpse of our heroine since her heroic departure from us and since i last wrote an eulogy on her. What a sweet destiny, cut short by the wicked militia of hate. why not consider her for a posthumous award or honor as a plantinum author? afterall the length of her 1st article is about 11 times more than our minimum acceptable, that matimatically sums up to over ten articles. This picture will forever remain in our memory as lovers of freedom, peace, development and democracy.

A billion thanks to you and your team for this humanitarian and historical service.

Comment provided October 12, 2005 at 8:58 AM


Knight writes:

Laura’s account has been upgraded to Platinum.


Comment provided October 13, 2005 at 7:23 AM


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