Syndicated Columnist

Ever dream of being a “Syndicated Columnist”?

If we have accepted your articles, you can now wear that hat too…especially if you submit new quality and original articles on a regular basis.

I know this is a subtle distinction, but technically any of our expert authors are also “syndicated columnists” of As our strength and Internet popularity increases, the value of being a syndicated columnist increases in brand strength.
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Barn Door is open

Dear Authors: This week you may notice some odd activity as we’re experimenting with allowing 3rd party article distribution services to funnel articles in via a special web developers back door concept. Currently there are only 3 approved to test with us and after those 3 help us get the back-end systems right, we’ll re-decide which direction to go. Mostly, we’re interested in acquiring new author relationships that were not aware of previously.

We’re also busy writing new tools to help ensure that duplicate article submissions are not accepted including those that are similiar to articles that were already submitted. Primary goal here is to not accept duplicate content and preserve the usefullness of our site.

The tougher challenge is how to absorb (and dispose) articles that we normally reject via the front door (10.5% on average) so that they don’t get bunched up or slow down our acceptance of our first priority: Existing registered members. It’ll probably take us a few weeks to sort this out, but the end result will be improved functionality for a larger quantity of expert authors. :)

Doreene Clement – on Journaling

In today’s EzineArticles Expert Author Spotlight, I’d like to introduce to you Doreene Clement. She is a journaling expert and author of the “The 5 Year Journal” and a breast cancer victor.

Doreene Clement

I was first introduced to the power of ‘journal writing’ back in 1991 when I was in Hawaii during a 2 week Neuro Associative Conditioning certification class lead by Tony Robbins. I stuck with it for about 3 years and then having achieved what I was struggling to do, I took all of my journals and shredded them (like the phoenix during its transformation process).

Today, I keep a food journal only (via a program called BalanceLog by HealtheTech) as this is the only way I’ve found that I can keep my nutrition in balance for the bodyfat and racquetball training goals I set for myself.

If you have not tried journaling as a strategy to help you guide your intentions, achieve your goals or help you appreciate how far you’ve come in life; I’d highly recommend that you check it out and give it a try. =)

Lastly, be sure to check out Doreene’s articles on journaling. It’s clear to me that she has found her purpose in life and is sharing her gifts with others. Doreene also knows and understands the power of Article Marketing as her articles are short, sweet, filled with valuable information and offers a clean resource box at the end. Outstanding!

Operational Efficiency Has Its Downfalls

One of the things I love about growing a business is that we’re able to help more people as a team than any one individual could do in a days work.

We create systems, measure and track performance with great detail, and still… the inevitable happens: Exceptions are not made when they should have been made.

Sometimes our own efficiency and technological innovations gets in the way of ‘doing the right thing’ even when it means breaking one of our own rules to do the right thing.
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Warp Factor 5

I’m sitting here thinking about how is going to evolve beyond our current rate of growth… and the single largest obstacle that I see in the way of our growth rate (in terms of daily articles approved into the site) is my desire to not anhilate our real-time email list members that get notified every time a new article is added for the category they are signed up for.

We can solve this in one of 3 ways: (please help us decide)
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InValid Reasons

An author said to us, (I’m paraphrasing) “I don’t like you guys because you allow experts of more than one topic of expertise to post articles on your site. If you don’t stop this practice, I’m leaving”

That’s like saying, “I don’t want to be included in the search engine indexes because my competitors are listed there also” or “because non-experts are in the search engine indexes also right next to my listings”…

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Close Your HTML Tags

This is a tip only for newbie article marketers who are starting to learn how to do simple HTML tags:

Golden Rule #1: Always Close Your Tags. If you OPEN a tag, you must close it.

Golden Rule #2: Just because your Microsoft browser covers up your mistake doesn’t mean your article is going to look as you intended it.
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Hurricane Katrina Articles

Just a quick note: Normally we give priority to articles by Platinum, then Basic Plus and lastly, Basic level members.

For the next week to 10 days, we’ll also bump up any article that is related to Hurricane Katrina so that others may be helped by your expertise in this time of need.

We’ve never formally announced this, but usually we fish out and give priority to any highly current newsworthy article so as to match the timiliness of the article with the event.

Jeff Herring – Author Spotlight

Jeff Herring

Jeff Herring has been a loyal friend of EzineArticles for quite some time. In fact, I learned about the power of his personal recommendation earlier this year when he helped Cathy Stucker and I promote the “Market With Articles” teleseminar.

Jeff got started with us in late April of this year and he sent in 179 articles since then. He not only ‘gets it’, but he ‘drives it’ too!

He’s got quite a bit going on, mostly centered around being a marriage and family therapist, relationship coach, speaker and nationally syndicated relationship columnist.

I like how Jeff puts a lot of “universal laws” into his articles as it not only gives him more credibility, but they had strength or conviction to his articles.

This was one of my favorite articles of his:
Universal Laws for Couples

Jeff sent me this email today and gave permission for it to be reprinted here:
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Advanced Search For Pubs

UPDATED Sept 6th at 4pm CST: This new feature is now live:

We’re working on outlining an advanced search function that would allow email publishers or authors to drill into our site deeper by being able to further define or specify their search criteria.

Example: Be able to only search for results within a specific sub-category and articles that meet a specific word count or more or less.

Question: What kind of advanced search would you like to be able to do right now if we gave you the ability to search our article directory in any defined way you’d like?

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