Exclusivity II

In an earlier blog post, we discussed “Exclusivity Defined“, but today, I wanted to clarify that we do not require articles posted on our site to be exclusively posted here and no where else.

Yes, you can post articles that you wrote or have an exclusive license to the article content on our site and yes, you can post that same article anyplace else that you choose.
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Steve Singleton – RSS Example

Steve Singleton

If you recall, recently we opened up each EzineArticles.com author to be able to insert some code into their websites that will display their articles that are live with our site… hoping to help our authors to get more traffic to their articles and extend credibility further.

Check out what expert author Steve Singleton did with his website:

(Notice the right column of his site is a live listing of his EzineArticles. This list is updated automatically as Steve adds, changes or removes any of his articles. Pretty cool, eh?)

Separatism = Bad

Separatism amoung humans (like Protectionism among nations) is not only bad, …it’s toxic.

We already reject any content that suggests racial intolerance, but today forward, we are going to reject articles that suggest or infer that separatism is good (even if the author of the article is blind to their own incompetence in this area).

A few articles from some angry authors about the Bush administrations response speed in New Orleans triggered this change as it’s ludicrous to think it had anything to do with race. Come on people! Get real. This was a Mother Nature disaster and it takes time to move BILLIONS of dollars of federal aid that many in Katrina’s path are now receiving.
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Michelle Dunn’s Press Release

Michelle Dunn

First, check out what Michelle did:
Author Michelle Dunn deemed “expert author”.

She was promoting one of her best articles:
10 Steps for Business Owners to Take if They Are a Victim of Identity Theft“.

While she is not the first EzineArticles expert author to feature her EzineArticles expertise via a press release, it did help earn her a blog posting for the ‘Author Spotlight’ of today. :)

I liked the creativity in her business name “Never Dunn Publishing LLC”. Michelle has over 17 years experience in Credit and Debt collection…making her an ideal EzineArticles.com expert author who writes from experience.

Over the years, I’ve worked with half a dozen different collections agencies to help us collect money from deadbeat clients. Statistically speaking, there is always that 1% that just wants a free ride without paying or they prioritize other vendors to get paid first before their cash flow faucet ends. I thought this article of Michelle’s was excellent too: 5 Steps You Can Take to Get Paid!

Sneak Peek – “How To” Tutorial Video

PLEASE NOTE: The video mentioned is this blog post is no longer current. A revised version is now available at https://ezinearticles.com/submit/.

So after many trials and tribulations, we are proud to present our new “How To Create an EzineArticles.com Membership Account and Submit an Article” video tutorial.

After only about 15 or so video takes and many, many more audio takes the finished product is here for your review: http://www.ezinearticles.com/video/.

I may have went a little too “public radio” on the narration though…next on NPR we’ll be listening to Brahm’s Second Piano Concerto in B-flat. Please give us feedback so that we can make this video more useful. Thanks!

Meri Raffetto – Author Spotlight

Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian with degrees in nutrition and psychology. Not only does Meri have extensive experience in nutritional counseling, but she is an example of an ideal EzineArticles.com Expert author.

Meri Raffetto

Most of Meri’s articles are about how to find a healthy balance with nutrition. Here’s one of hers that I liked: Are You Losing Body Fat or Water?

I really can’t recall if I was surfing our own articles for articles about BodyFat or whether I learned about Meri from another source and then realized she was already an expert author in our site.

From an Article Marketing standpoint, her articles are short (around 700 words or so), clean (no abuse of the Bold/Italics/Under font tags), written from a point of true expertise, and with a clean resource box at the end that does a call to action. Bravo!

…And in the meantime, I’ll be taking some of Meri’s advice about thinking in terms of 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat…which means I need to track and ensure that I accomplish a daily calorie deficit that leads me to the 182 lbs goal I have for myself (I’m at 193 today, 6’1″ tall). It wasn’t enough for me to just drop the 6-7% bodyfat I lost this Summer (which is the true measure of whether I’m reaching my fitness goals), but I want my 34″ waist line back too…which requires the 182lbs goal. :-)

Ok, enough about me…now, go read Meri Raffetto‘s articles.

8 From New Orleans

I saw the CNN specials and the Fox news reports and even the Dr Phil special on Huricane Katrina… but it was not until I saw this flood map did it really sink in. Click on the map, drill into the city by zooming in and then flip between the red Katrina button and the regular satellite map. Flood data is from Tuesday.

Not knowing anyone in the path of the huricane, I turned to our database to see which EzineArticles authors were from New Orleans and the area. Turns out there were 8 authors registered with us. We’re contacting them to see if they are ok and will ask what type of assistance or help we can lend to them.

Take a listen to this when I called one of them
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Real-Time Article Alerts

Real-Time email alerts upon new articles being added for the category of your choice has regretably come to an end.

Some list members were getting hammered with 300+ emails from us per day and this not only seems wrong, but it is wrong. It was right when we started the service 9 months ago, but we were only adding 30-70 articles per day back then instead of the 500 per day we’re at this week.

We will continue to offer daily summary email alerts and will work with our members to improve the quality of each alert so that they get more value and relevance from the service. :)

New Sub-Cats

Some folks have been asking us when we’ll be adding new sub-categories. For a stretch of time we were adding new ones every week, then every month and now we’ve slowed down quite a bit in adding new sub-categories.

Main reasons are two fold:
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I Like The Way…

I Like The Way You...

I wrote a song for you today:

There’s so many things I like about you, I..
I just don’t know where to begin,

I like the way you, send in those beautiful articles,
I like the way you, spell check all surprised,
I like the way you, punctuate along,
I like the way you, sometimes get it wrong,
I like the way you, create with your mind,
I like the way you, love to dance with words,
I like the way you, put your hands on your mouse,
I like the way you, log into your account,
I like the way you, like to touch your copy,
I like the way you, stare so much,
but most of all….
most of all….

I like the way you submit articles…..
I like the way you submit articles…..

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