High Demand Content? 4 Tips

An author asks me from AskChrisKnight.com this question:

“I only want to write high demand content topics. How do I figure out which topics within my niche are in demand the most?”

4 Quick Ways:

1) By having your own “AskMyName” website that gives you commonly asked questions by your audience, you can easily see pattern questions that make for great current interest topis.

2) Using a keyword research to determine which keywords or keyphrases are being searched for the most in recent weeks. Goodkeywords is a free and popular tool. Google Suggest is also cool to surf.

3) By watching your existing article traffic reports to help you understand where the interest spikes are. When you see a spike in a topic category, crank out another dozen articles on that narrow topic.

4) Watch the EzineArticles.com most searched for keywords. Example: Look at the most popular searches for the sub-category: Diabetes. This list is a great starting place assuming no one has already written an article title with one of those most popular search results.

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