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In an earlier blog post, we discussed “Exclusivity Defined“, but today, I wanted to clarify that we do not require articles posted on our site to be exclusively posted here and no where else.

Yes, you can post articles that you wrote or have an exclusive license to the article content on our site and yes, you can post that same article anyplace else that you choose.

Some competitor sites require exclusive original content for their site, but we do not require this.

We do terminate or suspend accounts that send in NON-EXCLUSIVE articles as discussed in the August blog post.

Bottom line: We only accept original content or articles that you own the exclusie license to the content and you CAN distribute the same articles to any other website including your own if you choose.

Hope that clarifies a recent question about this topic.

Any questions?


Lance Winslow writes:

This is a good policy and also seems to be quite competitive obviously you are very secure in your sizing up of your sites and teams ability to do a great job for your customers, advertisers and writers. Now then with this said, what is your preference on this issue. Would you prefer articles, which are only listed here? If someone posted them elsewhere would you prefer they modify the title so that it helps your site in key wording, rather than competing? Do you feel you might change your policy in the future on this issue? Why do some article sites demand this and others do not? Why have you chosen this policy? For article numbers? This is an interesting subject, but now it has opened the door for more questions indeed.

Comment provided September 17, 2005 at 6:42 PM


Chris Knight writes:


Selfishly, it gives our site strength to have original content that can not be found on any other site…but we can never make this a preference because we would be excluding ourselves from some great content that each author has already published on their own website or elsewhere.

We don’t prefer modified title’s because it makes it more difficult for us to eliminate duplicates. From a marketing perspective, it would be good for authors to send us articles with different title’s, but a bigger sin that does occur when that happens is that we struggle harder to keep duplicate content out of our site. It’s an ongoing series of processes that we engage in to keep only (1) copy of every article in our site.

There is a very small to almost no chance we will ever change this policy of accepting content that is not exclusive to us, but is still exclusive to the author’s name (via original content or content that only they have the exclusive right to distribute).

The reason some sites demand original content is because they can and it’s their model. We’ve choosen a more ‘open’ model.

We chose the open article acceptance model to allow a greater quantity of quality articles to find their way into our site. Closing this door would mean stopping about 75-85% of what comes in daily.

Hope this answers your many interesting questions. :))

Comment provided September 17, 2005 at 7:08 PM


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