Close Your HTML Tags

This is a tip only for newbie article marketers who are starting to learn how to do simple HTML tags:

Golden Rule #1: Always Close Your Tags. If you OPEN a tag, you must close it.

Golden Rule #2: Just because your Microsoft browser covers up your mistake doesn’t mean your article is going to look as you intended it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer will often interpret HTML code in the way you intended it, not in the way it’s suppose to be executed.

When you’re in our article submission process, you are forced to preview your article before sending it to us. This helps you to see how your article will look on our site. Using the MSIE browser, you will never fully see your mistakes. Better to use the FireFox browser up and until you forget a quotes in an HREF tag…at which time the MSIE browser is required to fix the mistake.

All of these commonly made mistakes (too many in recent days) can be avoided if you just remember to always CLOSE every tag you open and use standard quotes within HREF statements (do NOT use MS Word to make your HREF statements).

If you’ve made these mistakes recently, drop down and give me 10 article push ups right now soldier!

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