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Dear EzineArticles Authors,

Yes, you can EDIT your own articles at any time until we no longer allow this functionality. I have no idea how long we’ll allow you to edit your own articles at any time, but until we no longer offer this functionality as part of the free basic, basic plus or platinum membership, PLEASE:

1) Edit your article instead of removing it and replacing with another one.

2) Know that after you edit an article, it’s removed from the directory until we re-review it to ensure your changes are compliant with our posted editorial guidelines.

Right now, it makes sense for us to give all authors the ability to edit their own articles instead of having to receive change requests via email and adding more labor expense to do it for them.

We purposely don’t advertise to newbie authors with us that they can edit their own article because we don’t want every author continuously editing their articles (we call it “over optimizing”).

Somehow, we need to find a happy medium way to communicate that it’s better to EDIT your messed up article than delete it and re-submit without opening up wide the “I want to over-optimize my article” floodgates.

Why is it better to EDIT a messed up article than resubmit a new one? Because we already put your article and it’s URL into distribution and the search engines have most likely indexed it by time you edit it. When you remove it and re-submit, the process begins all over again rather than just fixing a simple mistake.

Make sense?

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Farih abdel writes:

Hi Farih from montreal Canada
I am member of your ezine since long time I am very happy with it i apreciate the articles are very interesting I am 100% ok with your idea I think with this way you give everybody a chance to get his /her article to be optimizing in the search engines. thank you and long life to our

Comment provided August 14, 2005 at 6:07 PM


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