Scott Richards – Author Spotlight

Scott Richards

Every week I review all of the hundred+ author photo’s that are uploaded. Usually there is a big range from poor quality to high quality author photo, but every 30-50 author photo uploads…comes along one that is unique! Scott Richards’s author photo stood out today and I thought I’d share his with you. Way to go Scott on being creative. :)

I don’t know Scott personally, but my branding brain was hoping that his author photo color scheme was going to blend in with his website so that I’d have a seamless visual experience… Unfortunately, this didn’t happen as his main website has dark red hues, but perhaps he had this author photo from a previous website.

…which brings me to this tip: If you want to strength your markets unconscious confidence in you and your brand, find a way to add something subtle to your photo so that when a visitor reaches your website, they feel like they were already part of the experience.

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