Reprinted With Permission

An author and her publisher are up in arms about this issue, so I’m sharing my response as others might have finicky publishers also. :)

The issue is distributing articles with the words, “Reprinted with permission”

“Reprinted with permission” is too vague for us and we generally reject articles with that language. Why? Because we don’t want any liabilities from a publisher that sometime in the distant future says, “Well, nooooo, I didn’t mean everyone could reprint the article without further requiring permission each and every time.”

When we read “Reprinted with permission,” we assume that means permission is only given for the person who publishes the article the first time after permission is given to a specific individual. If wasn’t a viral article syndication/distribution hub, then this wording would be perfectly acceptable.

Our Author TOS requires that authors allow the syndication of their articles WITHOUT permission of the author provided that they follow the posted rules under the Publisher TOS (of which the ultimate burden to enforce copyright falls on the author of the article and not

Make sense?

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