Membership Stats

Here’s our current article memberrship breakdown by membership type:

Membership Type:               Number:    Percentage:
Platinum Unlimited:              1,134  - 11.7%
Basic PLUS:                         27  -   .3%
Basic:                           8,428  - 87.4%
Live, But Suspended:                36  -   .4%
Suspended Pending Investigation:    23  -   .2%

Grand Total as of today, 9,648 unique authors. With your help, we are working hard on breaking the 10,000 unique author milestone before the end of this month. :-) Thanks for making your article home base & article marketing headquarters!

There’s a lot of turn-over in the “Suspended Pending Investigation” membership type as this includes authors that we hope to help either improve their ability to meet our editorial guidelines or be ejected all together.

If you’re one of the 11.7% of our members that are Platinum level, you’ll find that you’re in rare company as we’ve lowered by 2 whole percentage points the number of authors that hold Platinum Unlimited status. These are authors who know how to meet our editorial guidelines and cause us the least amount of friction. :)

27 authors are in the purgatory of our new “Basic PLUS” membership status — it’s a holding status to give them 25 more chances to prove they know how to read and follow our editorial guidelines. After they send in 25 more articles, we review their account for Platinum status upgrade.

We’re grateful for every existing and new member and thank you in advance for your referrals and mentions in your email newsletters and blogs.

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