Farris Green – Author Spotlight

Article Marketer Ahead of Her Time

Here at EzineArticles.com, we don’t get too many teens or High School level authors, but I came across Farris’s extended bio today and thought she would make a perfect example for an article author/marketer ahead of her time for others to learn from.

You won’t find a decade of business experience from her articles, but what you will find are short, sweet, punchy articles with a personality that reflects this new author’s style along with a resource box and a URL to click on.

She ‘gets it’ and is a great example for how to leverage article marketing to get published and begin building credibility and exposure, even at a young age!

Way to go Farris!
Read her Full Author Bio.


Kristin writes:

Way to go, Farris! Do you accept submissions?

Comment provided August 8, 2005 at 3:32 PM


Edward writes:

If I looked like Farris, I’d post my picture along with my bio too!

Comment provided August 8, 2005 at 4:42 PM


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