June 2005 Stats

7,171 new articles were approved into EzineArticles.com thanks in part to the 8,060+ unique authors that have been sending in about 239 total articles per day last month on average.

To help promote your articles, we sent 42,323 permission-based emails to the 1,771 members of the daily email new article alert lists, and 160,718 emails to the 535 members on the real-time new article alert lists. All together, we have 2,306 members receiving email alerts and those members received a total of 203,041 emails in June.

Each week last month, we served up your articles to over 200,000 humans who surfed EzineArticles.com.

Thanks for being part of the EzineArticles.com family! We have a lot of new innovations already in progress for July 2005 and I’m glad you’re part of this project.


J writes:

That’s fabulous Christopher! Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing…

But, I do have to ask.. You stated:

“…we served up your articles to over 200,000 humans who surfed EzineArticles.com.”

Do you figure there are non-humans in the list too??

LOL! Thanks for being so quirky and fun! I do enjoy reading your blog posts..



Comment provided July 5, 2005 at 1:44 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

Speaking of 200,000 it appears I will have 200,000 article views within the next week at the current rate. That is significant, especially since I have only been posting articles for three months? Impressive stats. I also think it is important to talk about how great the authors are doing and how much those who come to the site for information appreciate it. You know most people want to know; “What is in it for me!” So, we should also discuss how the EzineArticles Stats translate into Value and dollars for the viewers and authors? That is the real stats which are important to the customers. I am certain from my own experience that the stats for authors and viewers and the pleasure they derive is quite high? I wonder how high and how we might measure this? I now have nearly 1600 article posted here.

Comment provided July 7, 2005 at 1:38 PM


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