Hired Gun vs. SEO Author

Someone internally had asked me to define the difference between a hired gun vs. an SEO author so that we could tell the difference.

Let me give you an example: Margaret Wommack is an SEO author by my definition. She is highly proficient at creating keyword intelligent articles to promote her business interests.

We actually like SEO authors that don’t go overboard and promote too hard, keep their 1-3 links in the resource box and as long as they never send in plagiarized works…we’re cool with it.

Hired guns on the other hand will often come in packs of 3-12 different membership accounts and pen names all promoting the same URL or the same sets of URL’s in their resource boxes.

Vanessa Mchooley is an example of an SEO author that is one of the few from her sponsoring site that we’ve allowed in. I’m sure she’s a nice person and she just happens to write for a site that hires multiple freelance writers to write/submit articles and then send them in. As long as the submissions are not duplicate entries by different author names, we let them pass and are cool with it.

Why do I consider Vanessa an SEO author? Because she is promoting a site that I’m pretty certain she is only a hired freelance writer for as we’ve received multiple article authors promoting this same site.

Is there anything wrong with hiring freelance writers to gun for your site? No, but be upfront about it and let us know what’s going on so that we don’t think you’re trying to “game” the system.

We would prefer that hired guns all have one membership account with as many alternate author names as they’d like to submit so that we can monitor the account as a whole rather than having to leave breadcrumb trail notes to ourselves as to who is related to who.

10XMarketing.com is another firm that sends in multiple authors that I believe are employees of the firm doing SEO work for their clients. Since they send in original work that is pretty good, we have no problems with them… but would still rather see one mother account membership with a few dozen alternate authors names for each employee.

We do have the one membership account per human rule… perhaps we’ll have to create the one membership account per corporation rule to get a better understanding of the relationship of the submissions from multiple authors all driving the same URL in their resource boxes.

There are a few more hired guns that I’ve decided not to name because we don’t want to create any badwill where it’s not necessary.

All of this discussion has made it crystal clear to me of the importance for us to understand the relationship we have with various types of authors.

Any feedback on these thoughts?

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