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If you’ve been reading my Article Marketing blog, you know that I’ve been identifying different patterns of article authors lately (SEO Authors, PR Article Authors, Paid SEO Guns, AdSense Authors, etc.)…

Today, I’m introducing to you another pattern identified: “The Forum Article Author”

Their MO: They create their articles based on past forum discussion posts they have sent over the past years. Lance Winslow is the master at this as I bet at least a 1,000 of his 1,600+ articles came from forum posts he created previously.

What an awesome way to create additional real value from existing content! We love “Forum Article Authors” because the quality of their posts are usually very high and the word-count is usually under 750 words (makes it easy for us to quickly approve them).

So, if you’ve been active in any specialty forums, go back and review your best posts that are more than 200 words long. Add a smart title to the article, add keywords, add resource box, and PRESTO: Instant quality article submission to add to your article inventory. :-)

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Lance Winslow writes:

Indeed, Chris most of my articles do come from previous posts on forums. It takes a little work to edit them, and often there are spelling or grammar issues as forums are generally more lose content, but those who have forums or have been writing this way are well advised to re-edit and add some new tidbits to them so they are in a singular context rather than an on going style of conversation. Some make very good articles, others do not and some as you say are under 200 words so need quite a bit fo touch up or can simply remain where they are. Today having 203,000 article views here, I am finding a much better mega phone for my ideas and insights, in the form of articles, which become timeless. I am glad they are easier for you to approve because reading thru my 1626 articles must have been a lot of work indeed. 1626 I wonder what happened in that year? Wow, sounds like another good article. You know Chris, every observation in the life experience can be an article. The greatest advantage to forum article writers is like that of the newest form “Blog” writers,as your venue can drive traffic back to the forum or blog enhancing their hit counters and driving in participation and when humans communicate more, the think and learn. I tend to agree with your observation and will keep on writing. Thanks.

Comment provided July 12, 2005 at 4:33 PM


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