A1 Domains

Did someone miss the memo?

Lately, I’ve seen about 50 new authors send in new articles that listed their domain that begins with A1- something.

Did they all miss the memo that the Internet is not indexed like the Yellow Pages? If your business was dependant on the yellow pages, you would name your business A1-something to get at the top of the listings.

Since no one should ever use the Yellow pages any more thanks to http://local.google.com/, it’s time to stop creating domain names with A1-something.

As far as I know, having an A1-domain will not give you any special rank advantages in the search engines or the …yellow pages. ;-)

Make sense or am I off base here?


Lance Winslow writes:

Well, if this is so, why did you label your Blob Post “A1 Domains” instead of something that brings in better traffic from the outside?

Or did you title it that so all those who use it will come here to see how silly they are.

Back in the days of the Yellow Pages, High flying 80’s we use to list our franchisees who did mobile car washing as; “$5 Car Wash Guys” The Dollar sign comes up before numbers, and numbers come up before letters both of which are better than “A1” Yet even more interesting is Hispanic Companies which name their businesses a statement or question as those symbols are both before the name and after and if it were !Bravo Cleaning Company! you can see the benefit in the old yellow page world. Now then when your domain name is your company name and it is listed in directories often on the Internet you do come up first, for instance I remember a franchisee for our company in Atlanta, and there were two-pages worth of companies on the directory site and we were first with our “$5 Car Wash Guys” Strategy and we did actually get many calls per week from there. Now then this was well into 2000-2001.

I would differ in some respects as your company name gets picked up by directory site whose sole goal is to get people into Adsense clicks. they list many companies and if your company is “A1” then their companies might get clicks as frustrated surfers after investing time getting to the directory trickery site, will continue to click rather than back track on the back button. I discussed this exact thing with a Researcher of online strategies and sales from the University of Riverside CA. Anyway, I hear ya, Chris, it drives me nuts too, yet also from observation and experience it does elevate your “click to’s” by a tiny fraction. But 1-2% increase is better than directmail many times. Think on this. BTW- you are smart for labeling your title on your Blog “A1” even though you advice against it. Check the hit counter incoming directions, I bet you it will be 1-2% higher than other non-eventful Blog posts. All your Blog posts should contain key words if you want traffic. And I know you know this, because I have been watching your posts and thinking about your titles and the types of Ads which payout larger on Adsense then on other key words. So. Kudos for the undercurrent strategy while simulataneously bringing me valuable information and insight on your Blog. You are a multidimensional thinker and it shows by the success of EzineArticles.com

Comment provided July 14, 2005 at 5:09 PM


Chris Knight writes:

I title’s this blog post to show how silly A1 Domains are.

It’s abusrd that someone will be searching for A1-Dog-Food or A1-BMW or A1-Jet-Ownership.

About your comment about high paying keyword research: It’s true that I can’t just shut off my brain and ignore the research I’ve been exposed to with respect to keywords as they translate into contextual ad dollars, but the truth is that this blog creates so little revenue by itself that it should have been abandoned a long time ago if I was doing it for ad revenue.

The real ROI from this blog is in using it as a public round table to bounce ideas off of, share insights, and be ‘freeform’ in thought to turn ideas into things that we can act on to improve life, etc… :-)

Comment provided July 14, 2005 at 5:58 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

Indeed, yes it is true from observation that such titles are pretty low down on your list of reasons for the Blog, it is obvious you do it for the Expert Authors here so they can learn how to get value out of their participation. This site is a complete example of the Western Culture theroy of WIN/WIN in business and you have taken that concept much like the movie “A Beautiful Mind” to the level of WIN to the seventh power. I cannot believe how much I have learned about article marketing. I have probably attended 40 writer group meetings in 20 states at bookstores, yet have never achieved the level of information as reading only three months on your BLOG. Everyone should read thru the archived Blog links and we must invite writers of the writer groups meeting at Borders, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million as well as all the online writer clubs to put their writing and articles here so they can develop a following and improve as a writer. After all how many people own the book: “The Writer’s Guide” yet have never sold one article. EzineArticles.com opens doors, all kinds of doors, I can see if I were not retired, how much opportunity someone with only 50-60 articles can get. Once I hit 200 I was amazed at the number of people contacting me for various writing type endeavors. Authors need to read every blog post, you can learn so much. By the way I totally agree with you summation and the way you are dealing with the “A1 Domain” issue. Stay in the Yellow Jersey Chris. Thanks a million.

Comment provided July 14, 2005 at 8:21 PM


Gregory Fort writes:

The only reason to use A1 or 1 as a prefix, is to capture a keyword domain name. In my case security systems was already taken, so I added a number 1 as a prefix. The search engines disregard the prefix so it dosen’t matter what you put in there. It’s just a way to get domain names that have already been used.

Comment provided July 25, 2005 at 10:58 AM


Michael Oksa writes:

Yeah, I got the memo. I realize perfectly well that the internet isn’t the Yellow Pages’ equivalent.

I did not choose a1successforce for alaphabetical reasons, but for the idea of higher quality. I know it can sound a little cheesy, but I think there is still a collective subconscious that responds to it.

Comment provided August 5, 2005 at 1:33 PM


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