What Gets Measured…

Gets Managed.

What does not get measured;
Does not get managed.

Apply this to article writing, marketing, submitting to sites like ours and you’re left with the realization that if you don’t measure and track your progress — you’re not able to achieve the same results that you could achieve if you measured and quantify your efforts so that you can manage your article marketing efforts.

One other bonus to measuring your progress is that you’ll be able to go back and review your history:

As you begin to notice success or greater levels of success happening from your efforts, you’ll be able to review which actions you took to create the results so that you can create more of the same results or greater.

Your first step is to begin identifying your critical success indicators, such as number of articles written, number of sites submitted to, number of times your articles have been reprinted as verified by an exact match Google search for your article title or other unique marker, etc…

Make sense?

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