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You probably didn’t notice it, but back in May we made some modifications to the EzineArticles system to be compatible with Jason Potash’s newest creation: ArticleAnnouncer

Find out more about it here:

It’s about time Jason created this product as his earlier product “EzineAnnouncer” is not as efficient as this new product designed more for the article marketing niche rather than the ezine promotion niche.

I’ve been testing his product for a month now and will be sharing my test results in an exclusive teleclinic interview with Jason next week. Watch for details.

In the meantime, go read his free report. I loved the part about the ‘quicksand‘ as it’s so true!


Cindy writes:

Will Jason’s new product handle submissions to individual e-zines/publishers or just to the big article banks?

Seems especially important in light of the recent Google ratings dropppings for some sites such as Jason’s.

Comment provided June 25, 2005 at 4:21 PM


Jason Potash writes:

Hi Cindy.

Yes, my new ArticleAnnouncer software will handle submissions to individual ezines and webmasters. The software includes a database of over 1000 ezine publishers (in 50 categories) who accept article submissions — and you can easily email article submissions to them using AA — and you can add your own sites as well.

Regarding Google ratings… Google is doing some “funny stuff” lately. I have consulted with several of my “SEO hotshot” colleagues and they all agree… Google is not showing all backlinks from websites (and search results can greatly fluctuate) and Google PR updates are happening every 3 months (at best). Why are they doing this? To prevent people from abusing Google by reverse engineering their algorithm, back links, PR …etc. in attempts to manipulate Google (and steal traffic and rankings).

So, in other words, within Google, things are not always 100% as they seem. This is nothing new. But, regardless of what Google decides to do, one thing is for certain. Articles work (and will continue to worked) as a 100% above-board, Google-approved strategy to obtain targeted-traffic, boost SE rankings and get hundreds of back links to your websites. Hope this helps…

Comment provided June 26, 2005 at 11:15 AM


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