ArticleAnnouncer 3 Bonus Incentives

[UPDATED: Note, Bonuses End Thursday, July 14th at midnight CST]

Today is launch day for Jason as he releases his ArticleAnnouncer software & ArticleBlueprint training manual. I’ve been testing his product for the past 6 weeks, have read his ArticleBlueprint training manuals and even watched some of his video’s…and I was blown away!

If you’ve been considering getting Jason’s new ArticleAnnouncer product, here’s a bonus from me to you just for being an EzineArticles Blog Reader:

As with any cool new product, the return on investment comes from putting it into action. Because I succeed when you succeed in Article Marketing, I figured the best incentive I could give you to invest in Jason’s new ArticleAnnouncer product would be to help you in the month of July to put it to good use.

The ArticleAnnouncer Bonus Offer:

Buy The ArticleAnnouncer Suite Within The Next 48 hours.

  • Get: $1500 in article marketing training from me via (3) 1-hour private teleconferences laced throughout the month of July, 2005. Each call will be at a different time of day in order to meet our clients from different continents and each call will be recorded so that you can review your notes and listen again and again. I normally bill at $500 an hour for Article Marketing consulting, but you get me for 3 full hours in July where I will answer your questions and provide 3 separate training sessions for you in a positive and private group setting to really leverage article marketing for all its worth. Each session will have a specific article marketing focus (article writing, the components of each article, submission secrets, finding ideal ezine publishers to distribute your articles, copyright 101, and more) plus I’ll take questions in the calls and answer specific objections or issues that you need help with.
  • Get: $47 special report on “How To Make Your Article TITLE Pull Targeted Traffic That You Would Have Otherwise Lost Like Most Authors Do” — I’ve written articles before on how to make your article title achieve better results, but now I’ve had the luxury of reviewing the stats on over 42,000 articles and let me tell you — there are clear article title patterns that lead to success that can literally make a night and day difference on the amount of exposure each article you produce can produce for your brand, business and sales!
  • Get: (1) private one-on-one article marketing email session with me valued at $50 where you can ask any article marketing question that is on your mind. I will provide you with an expert answer or critique your current article marketing/writing/distribution strategy and help you fine tune your efforts to increase your results. All emails will be confidential.

Here Is What To Do Next:

  1. Visit the official ArticleAnnouncer website to make your purchase. You must use this link to purchase the course if you’d like to receive the “EzineArticles & Chris Knight Bonus Package Above.”
  2. After you placed your order, forward me a copy of your receipt via this claim form. Once I have confirmed your order, I’ll email you instructions on how to access my special report, I’ll put you on my private mailing list for the (3) July private Article Marketing teleconferences/training sessions and you’re welcome to send me your article marketing email consultation question or ask for a critique. The first date on the private group training is tentatively set for July 8th at 10am, but I’ll be sure to email you more details as I wanted to set the time of day for the trainings around which countries most of my new clients are from.
  3. Get your article marketing plan of attack started, begin writing articles or better yet, repurpose your existing content and begin using ArticleAnnouncer & to further establish your expertise, increase your traffic, targetted backlinks, leads and sales!

Go Here To Learn More About ArticleAnnouncer:

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