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EzineArticles Authors: Last month we sent out 192,029 emails to our 2,072 email list members (all of which had to double/confirm opt in to our lists) to notify them about your new article submissions.

If you’d like to join the daily summary email for any of the main article categories of your choice or the real-time alerts (can be high volume at times), then subscribe here for free.

1,610 members received daily summaries at 2pm CST and
462 members received real-time new article email alerts.

While other competitor sites blast your articles to the same email blast lists that everyone submits to, the emails we send are only to our proprietary list membership that has been double opt-in from day one (encourages a higher value member because of the additional hoop required to become an active subscriber).

Our short-term goal is to reach 10,000 members for these 22 lists.

Ohh yeah, did I mention it’s 22 different lists? That means we only send article alerts that are relevant to what the list members are looking for. Technically, it’s 44 lists, as each one has a real-time and a daily summary version.

If you’re a member of these transactional email alerts that we send, we’d like your feedback as to how we can improve them or make them more valuable for you. Post a comment to this blog entry or send us a private comment via the CONTACT US link.

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