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May 2005 stats are rolling in this morning and last month, we averaged over 800 searches a day on our internal search engine stats. At this rate, I’d hope June 2005 to bring about 1,000 searches a day.

We don’t currently track what’s being searched on our site because of the direct database query system we created is designed for speed. When we approach several thousand searches per day, we may invest in a separate search engine that will deliver lightning fast results and provide us with analysis. For now, we opt for speed at the sacrifice of reporting tools.

On the other side of the search coin, here are the top incoming 3rd party search terms for May 2005:

prom hair	    6775
prom hair styles    4264
ingrown hair	    3772
ingrown hairs	    2767
prom hairstyles	    2038
updo hairstyles	    2015
brazilian wax	    1521
razor burn	    1027
patio design	     902
flipping houses      668

This last table of information is kinda meaningless as it’s not reflective of the type of content we have in the directory, but rather the type of content that we have that is most loved by the aggregate of all search engines that refer visitors.

Wanna see what else folks are searching for that helped them find us?

articles			649
brazilian waxing		579
chopper kits			552
japanese hair straightening	539
mothers day poems in spanish	523
istikbal			508
ingrown pubic hair		504
ezine articles			470
love making			445
prom updo hairstyles		442
prom updo			437
ezine				433
glyconutrients			415
fat burning foods		412
ways to lose weight		407
work in dubai			405
tattos				392
puranol				372
boxer dogs			364
mothers day poem		357
origami instructions		352
twixters			339
sofa beds			333
dogs in heat			328
facial exercises		325
sofa bed			323

Some of these (like the Prom searches) are reflective of the time as it’s prom season here.

Most of this is just for entertainment value. :)

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