Too Much Makeup/Cologne?

Ever notice a woman who cakes on multiple layers of make-up to the point of being gaudy? Ever notice a man who uses a whole bottle of cologne when only a dab will do?

Every notice an article that has over-used the BOLD and ITALICS or UNDERLINE tags?

If you’re guilty of caking on the makeup or splashing the whole bottle of cologne on your article… please take a deep breath, step back and realize that:


I’m not saying your article has to be nude, but in the last week… I’ve seen a few 500 word articles that must have burnt out the BOLD and ITALICS key on their word processor or HTML coder.

Pretend your article is on a nice sunny warm beach and you have a hot and lean body… therefore a nice bikini or swim trunks is all your article needs to turn heads.


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Stuey writes:

Have to disagree on the make-up opinion – ‘Less is more’ is absolute rubbish. I usually go for girls who wear lots of make-up but who can apply it right. Too much make-up can look a bit crap though.

So there you have it girls, get that make-up slapped on asap

Comment provided September 24, 2005 at 8:34 AM


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