National Repurpose Your Content Month

I hereby declare May as National Repurpose Your Content Month.

GOAL: Create new original articles from existing content you’ve already created in past years.

Time to take a stroll down through your web archives, your article archives, your forum posts and anyplace else that you have original content that you produced for a previous purpose.

Now, take that content and produce 100-1000 new articles that are 400-750 words each, add an intelligent title, add your resource box at the end of the content to promote one of your websites, and put the articles immediately into distribution.

It’s simple, you’ve already got the content, and it’s purely an editing exercise. Make your content work harder for you! Think keyword intelligence for your title’s based on what’s relevant in the marketplace today.

If you have 100 articles already on your website that are 1500 words each on average, you just found 375 new articles that can be created at 400 words each. It is this simple.

Get a plan and then into massive action today to send ’em in. :-)


Denise O'Berry writes:

Chris — This is such a good reminder. Too many people forget that some topics live on from year to year. And those of us who write often forget about some of the great stuff we’ve written which can be updated to create good value for others. Thanks!

Comment provided May 2, 2005 at 12:15 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

Denise you make a good point and just like fashion, as soon as you think you will never wear a shirt again it suddenly becomes in again. Hold off on the garage sale, with a little tweaking you can make the old new again. And you never know when something might become popular. I had written a few articles on the Harbor Wave – Tsunami some years back and all I had to do is add in a a paragraph about the Indonesia Tsunami and the articles were a complete home run. We as authors need to be thinking here. People search things for many reasons, old news re-occurs. Fuel prices, politics, media circus courts, etc. Its all good. Get those articles where people can see them now, you will not believe how they will be sudden hits when the wind changes back again. You never know what will be in the news tomorrow, you never know what someone might search. It is a numbers game, you must play the numbers too. Content is King, let’s follow this Chris Knight and decree because he is right and submissions are Free. Think about it.

Comment provided May 2, 2005 at 7:44 PM


Dennis Mellersh writes:

Repurposing is an excellent idea.

This is how a lot of freelance writers extend the value of their original research for articles they write.

It is not so much re-cycling as it is finding a new approach to be able to use some or a lot of the research done for another project.

It is not simply disguising the original piece by changing a few words.

This approach to taking advantage of research already done becomes especially important as an article-writer becomes specialized and gains a reputation for knowledge in a particular field.

Essentially, when we build up a lot of experience in various fields we are constantly “repurposing” our knowledge for new articles and other writing assignments.

Re-inventing the wheel every time for every new article is not efficient.

It is a matter of adapting something while maintaining integrity for both the original article and the new “adapted” article.

Chris, your suggestions to article writers are very useful.

Keep up the good work.

Dennis Mellersh

Comment provided May 3, 2005 at 12:32 PM


I-key writes:

Chris, you’re right, and this idea of national repurpose your content is great.

And Lance Winslow, I have been reading your articles. I believe perhaps nobody may have told you that you’re genius. The ideas that are flowing from your brain are awesome.

Comment provided May 6, 2005 at 11:25 PM


Krista Goon writes:

Hi Chris

It is a timely reminder! I just didn’t realise I had all these old articles and resources sitting around. Thanks for the email reminder and how to re-purpose our content! Yes, will get down to it ASAP. ;-)

Comment provided May 11, 2005 at 11:10 PM


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